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Diffuse your preferred essential oils in any place you go using the young living USB diffuser. Use it with your PC, your vehicle, in your office, or bring it along when you travel. It’s portable, minimal, and quiet with a 10 second, 30 second, or 60-second dissemination period. This diffuser is an air purifier and a fragrance diffuser for one who is can utilize the items.

Its atomizing innovation changes essential oils into a fume of great micro-particles. It scatters into the air the ground-breaking plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils.

This is a gadget that will separate your preferred aromas into particles for you to breathe. It is also one of the three different ways we can exploit the fragrance’s advantages. Truth be told, it is one of the most famous approaches to use aromas for admirers of fundamental oils.

Young Living is a world chief in essential oils and Aromatherapy

The organization began in 1994, from Gary Young’s energy for conventional fundamental oils. The Young family of Gary and his better half, Mary, began developing their own plants for oil refining.

Today, through their Seed to Seal enrolled process, Young Living offers top-notch essential oils.

They develop and distil oils everywhere throughout the world, including America, Australia, Japan, Europe, and so on.

The organization has Multi-Level Marketing. It also has innumerable merchants wherever on the planet.

Fundamental oils can be utilized from multiple points of view. A few different ways might be costly, while others are pocket friendly.

For what reason would we say we are inspired by Aromatherapy diffusers?

Dispersion is the ideal method for appreciating a high level of dynamic oil atoms. 70%, is the amount of oil you can get inside your body through dissemination/inward breath.

Fragrant oils are unstable substances that can likewise be breathed in from the container. This technique anyway is tedious and can be expensive as well.

The more the oil remains presented to oxygen, the quicker it vanishes and oxidizes. A couple of drops of pith don’t have the opportunity to oxidize as they vanish exceptionally quickly.

A fragrance diffuser is essential when we need to appreciate the aroma and advantages of oils over an extensive stretch of time.

It’s helpful when we need to unwind and diminish pressure from side effects. The diffuser considers an even and slow scattering of oil atoms into the surrounding.

Fragrance based treatment and its working component appreciate some feedback from analysts. A couple of concentrates that we have accessibility to demonstrate that essential oils have numerous advantages.

Features of Young Living USB diffuser

  • Mode Settings: Three. 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 60 seconds
  • Light Options: None
  • Multifunctional: No
  • Design: Looks like a fire or memory stick
  • Power Source: Universal Serial Bus
  • Waterless Shut Off: N/A
  • Ventures Well: Yes

Accessible in Black and Purple

When the diffuser isn’t being used, you should mind expelling the oil-filled container from within the diffuser. And ensure that the spot includes a wicked top on the bottle for capacity.

Step by step instructions to Use

  • Basically, push and slide open the cartridge entryway at the base of the unit.
  • Fill the oil bottle with organic oil.
  • Screw the wick into the oil bottle.
  • Add the oil bottle into the cartridge compartment.
  • Close the entryway, plug it into a USB port, and the diffuser is ready for utilization.
  • Dispersion interim settings: 10 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds.
  • The USB Diffuser light flashes when it is diffusing oil.

Pros of young living USB diffuser

  • The USB diffuser is among the freshest gadgets from Young Living. It’s anything but simple to utilize; you just need a USB port and a necessary oil of your choice. In this manner, you can utilize it as a vehicle diffuser or work diffuser, connected to your PC.
  • It’s quiet and smaller.
  • It doesn’t utilize water. It accompanies a little vial where you put your quintessence. This is a 1 ml top off the jug.
  • The USB diffuser suddenly spikes in demand for interim settings of 10, 30, or 60 seconds. It can run for as long as 20 hours.
  • This gadget can cover around 14 sq—meters (150 sq. feet).
  • It estimates 8.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm for a pocket-size, or a customary USB.
  • The fragrance gadget weighs 0.5 Oz and can use around .33 ml of organic oil for each hour.
  • Change the scent and climate in a room.
  • Purge the air and forestall numerous viral diseases.
  • Purify surfaces.
  • Improve your relaxing.
  • Raise your mind-set and pursue away nervousness and stress.
  • Rest better.
  • Get some jolt of energy.
  • Forestall sickness and mitigate migraines.

Cons of young living USB diffuser

  • The intensity of a USB smell diffuser is low. It can genuinely be utilized distinctly in small places like a vehicle.
  • Associating it to a PC guarantees that the aroma will wait just without you even noticing, for a more drawn out time.
  • As a result of its size, it’s straightforward to spill it over or even break it.

Young Living USB Diffuser Product Listing

Image Product Details   Price
31A2QTGKlWL._AC_ Young Living USB Orb Diffuser
Dimensions: 9 x 10.5 cm (3.54 x 4.13 inches)
Weight: 0.45 lbs. (200 grams)
Check Price
41ysQrOuhSL._AC_ Young Living Car Diffuser (USB) Weight: 4.8 ounces
Dimensions: 5.4 x 2.8 x 1 inches
Check Price

Young Living USB Orb Diffuser

This Young Living USB Orb diffuser is extraordinary to use in the vehicle. It additionally works in a kid’s room, a little office, and so on.

It goes into the USB port and starts diffusing the oils in a flash.

It can make an extraordinary travel buddy. Simply ensure that you use elevating fundamental oils to avoid sleepiness in the driver’s seat.


courtesy of brand

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletIs it true that you are as yet pondering, which is the best Young Living diffuser? All things considered, the USB Orb diffuser may be it. It is a convenient kind of diffuser that can fit into your vehicle’s cup holder.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe Orb is additionally an authentic diffuser and uses USB power.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletIt can work discontinuously or ceaselessly for up to 4 ½ hours.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletUSB diffusers utilize ultrasonic innovation (water + oils). The Orb, in any case, utilizes wicks to absorb essential oils.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletYoung Living USB Orb diffuser comes with auto shut-off settings and surrounding lights.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe Orb’s measurements are 9 x 10.5 cm (3.54 x 4.13 inches). It weighs about 0.45 lbs. (200 grams).

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletIt utilizes 50 ml of water every hour. For little spaces, this measure of water fume can expand the degree of moistness. The absolute limit of water is 160 ml.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe noise level is only about 23 dB. This noise level is equivalent to a murmur or stirring leaves.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe wicks can be supplanted.

Pros of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletYou can utilize your Orb diffuser for spaces of about 4.5 sq. meters (50 sq. feet).


Cons of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThick fundamental oils or absolutes can stop up the wicks.

Cons of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletIt might get untidy, particularly in a moving vehicle.

Cons of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe USB Orb diffuser needs consistent cleaning and drying. A few people grumbled about cleaning it previously or after each utilization.

Cons of Young Living USB Orb Diffuser BulletThe dissemination power is little.

Young Living Car Diffuser (USB)

This little Young Living USB vehicle diffuser is incredible for journeying, as is being used outdoors.

It can work incredibly on your PC or vehicle USB port. It’s little and quiet, and it can run with practically any essential oil.

Since we secured precisely what you get from this gadget, presently, we can investigate the advantages it can bring to you or the individual you are gifting it to.

courtesy of brand

Pros of young living car diffuser USB

car diffuser USB The USB diffuser is among the most up to date gadgets from Young Living. It’s simple to utilize; you just need a USB port and organic oil of your choice. In this manner, you can utilize it as a vehicle diffuser or work diffuser, connected to your PC.

car diffuser USB It’s quiet and small in size.

car diffuser USB It doesn’t utilize water. It comes with a little bottle where you put your pith. This is a 1 ml top off container.

car diffuser USB The USB diffuser sudden spikes in demand for interim settings of 10, 30, or 60 seconds. It can run for as long as 20 hours.

car diffuser USB This gadget can cover around 14 sq. meters and a maximum of 150 sq. feet.

car diffuser USB Its dimension is 8.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm and is basically a pocket-size, standard USB.

car diffuser USB The fragrance gadget weighs 0.5 Oz and can use around .33 ml of basic oil for each hour.

Cons of Young Living Car Diffuser (USB)

Cons of Car Diffuser (USB)The intensity of a USB fragrance diffuser is low. It can actually be utilized uniquely in little places like a vehicle.

Cons of Car Diffuser (USB)Associating it to a PC guarantees that the aroma will wait just right in front of you, for a more drawn out time.

Cons of Car Diffuser (USB)In light of its size, it’s straightforward to spill it over or even break it.

Buying guide for young USB diffuser

Step by step instructions to use Your Young Living Aromatherapy Diffusers contingent upon the sort of diffuser, the oils you’ll utilize should be unique:

  • Ultrasonic diffusers – Add 8 – 10 drops of organic oil into the water beneficiary.
  • Nebulizer/atomizer – utilize unadulterated fundamental oils according to the proposals of the producer.

It can work with as minimal as 10 drops, or with 1 ml of the embodiment.

Dispersion ought not to last more than 20 – 30 minutes. On the off chance that you need to smell the oils throughout the day, you should rehash at regular intervals or more.

Sweet-smelling oils can soak the air and cause sickness and cerebral pains. In addition, concentrates likewise show that nonstop, 60+ moment inward breaths have the contrary impacts.

In case you’re breathing in a loosening up substance, for an hour, it can really make you fomented and additionally energized. They can likewise raise the pulse, among others.

This is the reason you ought not to lay down with the diffuser on. 

Continuously keep your home/room all around ventilated to avoid oil developing all around.

Is it safe to diffuse fundamental oils around pets?

There were many situations where felines, mainly, have kicked the bucket or became debilitated on account of Aromatherapy. There is a lot to state about this subject.

However, the principal thought is that dissemination can be sheltered around pets as well.

Felines are progressively delicate to some fundamental oils. Limited quantities of fragrant oils utilized once in a while are not an issue for pets. It turns into an issue when you diffuse oils daily and in ill-advised conditions.

Features to look for when buying a USB diffuser

With respect to the features, we’ve secured a large portion of them basically. However, we should look somewhat more profound into everyone so you can improve your understanding if this is the item you are searching for.

What color should we choose?

At the point when we talk about colors with this gadget, we don’t mean the thought that light up the room or zone you are diffusing in. The body of this little stick comes in four hues: dark, white, pink, and purple. For some time, it just came in two colors, but the producer chose to grow their line.


The 8.5 x 2 x 1.5 centimeter measurements of this fragrance based treatment machine make it ideal for the individual who is hoping to pack delicately on that excursion for work.

It’s circumspect enough to use in your work area without constraining everybody to breathe in your mixes. Also, it can fit in your pocket, your tote, or in your wallet since it just gauges a large portion of an ounce.


As a result of its size, this model can just cover a region of around fourteen square meters.

That is around 150 feet in the two bearings. Your vehicle, your home office, and your restroom are generally ideal areas to put this little atomizer.


For such a little gadget, we think they would make it so you can simply connect it and diffuse a few fragrances.

However, this organization went above and beyond and gave you three alternatives for pace and how regularly you need to breathe in your mix, which is nonstop at 10, 30, and 60-second interval.

The most extreme it can run is twenty hours.


Dissimilar to the machines we put on our racks that make fog from the blend of water and aromas in their bowl, this little item just holds one milliliter of scent.

This is fine since it doesn’t shoot the fragrance exceptionally far, and no  water is required.


We are human and inclined to commit errors. Now and then, that implies we neglect to unplug things.

Luckily, leaving this fueled on won’t be as risky as leaving the hair curling accessory on, yet doing this may harm the hardware. So, this component protects us from those neglectful moments by automatically shutting down.

It’s Portable

We won’t go on too long about this since we’ve referenced it a few times, yet it merits saying that probably the best element is the size.

You can take it anyplace, and it won’t occupy a lot of space by any stretch of the imagination.

Murmur QUIET

It has no stable component, which is a positive feature when you are working, which is the time you will probably utilize this since it plugs pleasantly into the side of your PC while you tap away at your console.

In the event that you use it in the vehicle, it won’t upset the radio or book recording you are listening to as well.

Diffuser Oils 

For what reason would you say you are perusing this article in any case? Since you are searching for an approach to diffuse your preferred oils:

So it merits referencing that this little stick’s capacity to separate the atoms of your preferred fragrances and project them into the air you breathe is a key advantage.


Since this would be a decent expansion to the devices you put in your vehicle, it merits referencing that there is a heap of aromas that have to unwind in the list of their advantages.

It wouldn’t do any harm when that little red games vehicle slices you off to be only getting a decent whiff of chamomile, which is a known loosening up aroma.

No Heat Used

Since the aromas right now warmed to atomize, there is no danger of harming your oils.

Certain advantages can be undermined if your concentrates are diffused mistakenly.


The structure of the inside container that sits in its own compartment is intended to be liberated from spills.

This is a decent element since we would prefer not to squander our oils.


Because our noses are full up doesn’t mean you can simply postpone  your life.

Tasks need to run, and your work won’t be done by itself. So a little eucalyptus in the vehicle charger while you head to the market may assist you with enduring.


While wepresently can’t seem to locate a diffusing item that is troublesome, it is anything but a far stretch to state that it doesn’t get simpler than this.

Put a couple of drops in the jug, close the entryway, and plug it in. The bustling scene we live in, straightforward, is acceptable.

Additional FEATURES

It comes with three top off cartridges and is Customizable to diffuse 0.33 ml of oil in 60 minutes.

Young Living Diffuser Comparisons

Young Living has numerous diffusers available to be purchased.

They’re all unique, so they can take into account the more significant part’s needs and wishes.

All things considered, there’s the likelihood that one grabbed your attention, right? If there’s as yet a sad remnant of uncertainty, perhaps somewhat of a correlation will progressively be of help.

Young Living Home Diffuser versus the Dewdrop Diffuser

Every gadget appears to be unique, and it is one of a kind in its own particular manner. The Home diffuser is rose-formed, while the Dewdrop will be dewdrop or tear molded.

Both utilize a similar dispersion innovation. They’re ultrasonic diffusers that need water to help scatter the oil atoms. Ultrasonic is particularly useful for novices in Aromatherapy, to soothe pressure.

They diffuse and weaken the force and significant impacts of the fragrant oils, in order to make it more secure. Be that as it may, this thing pulls in a couple of burdens as well.

With water, there’s an extremely great danger of form development. In addition, form develops in wet conditions is as quick as 24 – 48 hours.

To abstain from breathing in form spores and become ill, you need to wash the diffusers each other day. Or possibly before every dissemination.

The significant part is that they clean easily. A touch of warm water with vinegar and a piece of delicate fabric is sufficient to carry out the responsibility.

Dewdrop diffuser versus Home diffuser

The primary covers a medium-sized room, while the second covers just smaller rooms. The two of them make a similar commotion level of under 44 dB, which isn’t a lot.

Considering that they’re not for constant use, that sort of clamor is scarcely recognizable. Nor is excessively substantial and can be hauled around with no problem at all.

Both the Dewdrop and the Home diffuser make charming design and they are a sort of blessing.

They can likewise add a touch of dampness to the earth. However, you ought not to depend on them for that it’s ideal to utilize a humidifier during the virus season.

Young Living Diffusers versus Different Brands

In all actuality, there is no genuine distinction between Young Living’s Aroma diffusers and different brands. It’s just an issue of inclination.

Other Aromatherapy diffusers are gadgets whose utilization is a similar innovation as Young Living diffusers.

The main contrast would be the plan. Young Living gadgets may have plans that are more enthusiastically to discover somewhere else.

In any case, so do different brands.

Like we stated, with regards to contrasting Young Living and other diffuser brands, everything comes down to your own inclinations.

Essential Oil Recipes for Diffusers

As we would like to think, the best time for some portion of Aromatherapy is the plans. We love to blend and match aromas and advantages, and afterward, simply make the most of our work.

Fragrance based treatment plans are not difficult to make, particularly when they’re for diffusers. Here are a couple of motivational plans to try with your new Young Living Aroma diffuser.

New and Uplifting Diffuser Recipe

what You’ll require:

  • Bergamot fundamental oil: 10 drops
  • Juniper berry fundamental oil: 5 drops
  • Sweet Orange fundamental oil: 10 drops
  • Green mandarin fundamental oil: 10 drops
  • Keep this blend of oils in a dull glass jug and utilize a couple of drops, as prescribed.

Cerebral pains and Migraines Relief Diffuser Recipe

You’ll require:

  • Lemon essential oil: 5 drops
  • Lavender fundamental oil: 5 drops

Inhale Easy Diffuser Recipe

You’ll require:

  • Eucalyptus essential oil: 4 drops
  • Peppermint necessary oil: 4 drops
  • Thyme essential oil: 2 drops

Diffuse for 20 – 30 minutes, like clockwork, if fundamental. Keep the room all around ventilated while diffusing. Whatever you do, don’t nod off with the diffuser on or let it run consistently for a long time with oils!

That can give you migraines or queasiness.

We’re finished with single Young Living diffuser audits. Be that as it may, it would not be a complete audit without a couple of examinations.

Placing things into point of view is another valuable tip to assist you with settling on a decent choice.

What to do when you find your USB diffuser not working

We’re adding this to our essential oil diffuser reviews on the grounds that there are some things to focus on and to consider when your USB diffuser isn’t working.

Did you realize a few diffusers have a year warranty and they will replace them beyond a shadow of a doubt?

Did you realize that a few diffusers have new parts that can without much of a stretch a diffuser ready for action?

We’ve discovered that most diffusers quit working in light of the fact that the ultrasonic plate that causes the fog is broken. It can occur from ill-advised cleaning of the diffuser or utilizing faucet water instead of using filtered water as it were in the guidelines.

You should just utilize water and scouring liquor to clean a diffuser. NEVER use vinegar or family unit cleaners.

The leading brand of diffuser we are aware of has a warranty period of 1 year, and new parts are Young Living.

In the event that you can at present observe the fog from your diffuser and have no smell from the oils you include, the issue might be a grimy ultrasonic plate. The plate can be cleaned tenderly with scouring liquor and a cotton swab.

Where to purchase young living diffuser USB

The diffusers we’re partaking right now can be found on Amazon or can be bought from Young Living as a component of a discount or retail participation with Young Living.

You will find young living USB diffusers available to be purchased in different stores like Walmart, Cosco, Target, TJMaxx, Wholefoods, and other retail locations.

By and by, we purchase pretty much EVERYTHING from Amazon, with the exception of the essential oils. We need those to be high caliber from a brand we trust.

The Free Shipping alone tells us we are getting a lot, and we’ve seen the costs as reliably serious.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to diffuse fundamental oils around pets?

There were many situations where felines, mainly, have died or became debilitated on account of Aromatherapy.

There is a lot to state about this subject; however, the principle thought is that dissemination can be sheltered around pets as well.

Cats are progressively delicate to some fundamental oils. Limited quantities of fragrant oils utilized once in a while are not an issue for pets. It turns into the issue is when you diffuse oils daily  and in ill-advised conditions.

what size of fundamental oils do you require for this diffuser?

The size of the oil doesn’t make a difference, since you take the included pipette and concentrate the modest quantity with it to fill the diffuser partway, with care not to pack it.

Guidelines will be incorporated in most cases.

Do numerous diffusers come with this bundle?

There is one diffuser with this offer. The image is one of the first banner put up to show you the colors accompanied when they are accessible.


Of the considerable number of models we’ve utilized and looked into, our quest for all the advantages fragrant healing brings to the table, we think this young living USB diffuser is one of the cutest we’ve seen.

We love its simplicity, and the versatility is absolutely fine for us since we like to travel with it.

On the off chance that you are a fragrant healing darling, similar to us, and having a gadget that can bring a little dispersion of your oils anyplace you need, even in your vehicle, then, this is the item for you.

It would make an incredible present for a focused companion with a pleasant container of lavender oil.

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