Wood Stove Steamers and Humidifiers

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We will break down the purpose, use, designs, and types of wood stove steamers. You will learn how wood stove steamers affect your body and house. Woodstove steamers are imperative for making the winter months as comfortable as possible. Moreover, I will detail how to maintain wood stove steamers and the potential health risks the product might pose to you and your family.

Also, according to our editors, I will give you a full breakdown and review of the best wood stove steamers and humidifiers on the market today. Once you read this article, we will inform you of choosing and using wood stove steamers.


The purpose of a wood stove steamer is to prevent sore throats, asthma symptoms, bloody noses, allergy symptoms, dry skin, damaging valuables, wasted energy, and dry lips during the cold months of the year. Dry heated homes are the cause of these ailments. Low humid homes are not comfortable for many people during the wintertime because the dry atmosphere makes the temperature feel lower. The wood stove steamer works as a humidifier because it makes a dry place humid by putting moisture in the air, which prevents these problems from occurring inside your home.

How does wood steamer work

Woodstove steamers are pots of water placed on top of wood stoves. In fact, the heat from the wood stoves evaporates the water from the pots into the air. This process increases the humidity inside your home. Humidity is defined by the amount of moisture present in the air. For example, taking a hot shower steams up the bathroom and makes the mirrors foggy. That is classified as humidity. Another example of humidity is heavy fog in the atmosphere outside.

On the other hand, a dry, hot place like the dessert is an example of low humidity because of the lack of moisture in the air. Furthermore, air always consists of a certain amount of water vapor. If the relative humidity is low, that means that the air is capable of holding large amounts of water vapor or moisture. If the relative humidity is high, the air is incapable of holding much more moisture.

Outside temperatures below freezing point make the relative humidity inside a home under 20 percent. As a result, establishing wood stove steamers and humidifiers will raise the relative humidity inside your home during freezing temperatures. In addition, wood stove steamers are sold in various colors, designs, and sizes.

Choosing the Best Wood Stove steamers and humidifiers

When it is matters of choosing the best humidifier for you, there are several aspects you must consider before spending your hard-earned money. Ensure to have what fits your needs and stylistic preferences.

First, you have to look at the design. Then counter this with your personal preference style. Finally, put into consideration what would complement your home.

Second, you have to look at the water capacity. Woodstove steamers with large tanks are more straightforward to fill than smaller water capacity steamers. It is because smaller capacity wood stove steamers require you to fill up constantly. At the same time, the larger capacities don’t require as much work.

Third, you have to look at the weight. If you are physically weak, getting a pot on the lighter side is best. A steamer weighing between 7 to 9 pounds should be adequate for your needs.

Fourth, you should look at the type of lid you want. It would be best to get a wood stove steamer with a removable lid for the most effortless use.

Fifth, you have to look at the potential shelf life of the product. The best way to assess this aspect is to identify whether the product is made of rust-resistant material. Stovetop steamers coated with porcelain last longer than steamers that are not coated with porcelain. Porcelain ensures pots are less susceptible to rusting and aging.

Sixth, it would be best to consider whether you want a steamer used for consumption or not. Some steamers are used for drinking tea or coffee, but others are not designed for drinking purposes. Lastly, please take all of this information into account and apply it to your decision-making.


Stovetop steamers are sold in classic, dragon, cat, and decorative styles. There is a wide array of designs that cater to various tastes. There are thousands of options out there. You have to identify the one that compliments your style.


There are various ways you can enhance your use of stovetop steamers. First, you can use several fragrances to improve the smell inside your home. Putting cloves and orange peels is one way to produce a pleasant fragrance throughout your house. Another option is adding scented oils to your water.

Wood Stove Trivets

Trivets are accessories that are placed under a wood stove steamer. Placing a wood stove directly on the stove’s surface will eventually lead to the product being damaged beyond repair. A wood stove steamer cannot withstand high temperatures produced by a hot stove surface. Using a trivet is sure to extend the lifeline of your stovetop steamer by protecting it from the heat. The trivet will also save you money in the long run by eliminating the need for you to buy a new wood stove steamer because of damage. In addition, trivets come in several colors and styles. So, pick the one you have the most confidence in to fit your personal preference.

Detrimental Effects

While stovetop humidifiers offer great benefits, overuse will cause problems. Excess humidity inside your house will promote the growth of mold and bacteria. It will adversely affect the air that you breathe every day. Inhaling toxic air can cause flu-like symptoms and weaken your immune system.

Children and adults with breathing ailments like asthma should be cautious about this.

It is recommended that you clean your humidifier at least every three days to minimize the chance of these problems occurring. Also, too much moisture in the air can cause lung inflammation. Humidity between 30 and 50 percent is the safe range for homes. Furthermore, you can monitor the humidity inside your home with a humidistat. A humidistat is an electronic device capable of tracking and measuring humidity levels in the air. Alternatively, check cool mist humidifiers with built-in humidistat or warm-mist humidifiers with built-in humidistat.

Editor’s pick and reviews

Here are the best stovetop steamers, according to our editors:

Best Woodstove steamers and humidifiers: The Quart Cast Iron Lattice Wood Stove Steamer

The Quart Cast Iron Lattice Wood Stove Steamer- Best Woodstove steamers and humidifiers

The Qt. Cast Iron Lattice Steamer is a quality stovetop steamer that comes with a trivet set. It has a top-of-the-line porcelain finish that prevents fading. Also, the trivet slows down the boiling process and works as a shield for your stove’s surface.

The pros of this product include being easy to use.

It conserves energy, improves your breathing, protects your skin from being dry, and enables you to keep your heater at a lower temperature because of the humidity. The con of this product is its shelf life. This product starts to rust and deteriorate after a year.

Overall, this is an efficient and effective steamer that moisturizes dry air efficiently but is only helpful for so long before it starts declining quality.

Best wood burning stoves

Japanese Tetsubin Humidifier – SUTEAS Japanese Tetsubin Tea Kettle

Japanese Tetsubin Humidifier -Woodstove steamers and humidifiers

The Japanese-Tetsubin-Humidifier symbolizes elegance and will fit well in any interior. Japanese teapots stylistically influence this cast iron teapot. The Japanese Tetsubin Humidifier can hold up to 3 liters and is strongly built, making it perfect for a wood stove humidifier.

It also works excellent as a teamaker to heat water.

Furthermore, the interior is lined with enamel coating, making it resistant to rust. It is also responsible for making the pot easier to clean and manage. In conclusion, the benefits of the Japanese Tetsubin Humidifier include rust-resistant interior enamel coating, excellent for brewing tea and humidifying dry air. On the other hand, this product’s drawbacks are that the lid isn’t exactly a perfect fit and is cumbersome.

Uniflame 2.5 Quart Porcelain Coated Kettle

Woodstove steamers and humidifiers: Uniflame 2.5 Quart Porcelain Coated Kettle

The Uniflame Quart Porcelain Coated Kettle is great for moisturizing the air in your home. Its kettle is heavy, elegant, and efficient. One downside to this product is the porcelain on the outside which is more effective than the inside. As a result, this product rusts quickly. Overall, this kettle is great for humidifying your home despite minor flaws.

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Uniflame Humidifier Chrome Handle

Uniflame Humidifier Chrome Handle- Best Woodstove steamers and humidifiers

It is also known as the Uniflame Cast Iron Humidifier with Chrome Handle. The Uniflame Humidifier Chrome can hold up to 3 quarts of water, works efficiently, and has a vast storage capacity, so you don’t have to refill the pot over and over again continually.

Also, this humidifier keeps moisture in the air but is not suitable for cooking and consumption.

One aspect that detracts away from this product is the smell. When you boil water, this humidifier gives off a chemical smell. It would be a deal-breaker for people with sensitive noses, but this would be a great thing to purchase for those who can stand the smell.

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