Thermostat with Humidistat Built-in

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In the recent past, smart thermostats with humidistat built-in have been more frequent than ever before in our homes. The recent rise in the use of thermostats is attributed to the rapid technological changes and improvements in the tech realm.

In a similar move, many refrigerators and home security systems have also accommodated the shift in technology by embedding voice recognition and control mechanisms. They play a vital role in ensuring that they relay control be it regulating the light.

Changes in temperature and atmospheric conditions have an effect on the state of humidity in a household.

On their own, smart thermostats have minimal impact on controlling the level of humidity in your home. This is where the modern automated thermostats come into play because they can do more than just handling temperature control.

Most of the digital thermostats with a humidistat built-in can handle multiple functions at a given time.

Smart Thermostat with humidistat built-in

In the recent innovation on automation of the home setting, smart thermostats with humidistat built-in are the only control point for cooling and heating your home. It is so efficient that you can engage the services of gadgets connected to the internet to control its functions. These devices include laptops and even smartphones.

These smart thermostats have sensors for monitoring and controlling humidity and wifi-enabled connection, which sets them apart.

As such, you have more flexible control as far as controlling the temperatures within your homes. It also comes with other additional advantages like saving on energy. That cutting-edge advantage puts them separate from the manual thermostats.

Why Choose Thermostat with humidistat built-in?

The sole reason for having a built-in thermostat is to generally raise the amount of moisture on the surface and maintain suitable sustainable levels of temperature at all times.

It merely takes away the manual process and gives you the freedom and more flexibility on using the thermostats.

Too much dry air is a severe cause of dry skin, static shocks, and issues with sleeping, dry eyes, sneezing allergies, and other stuffiness related to the nose. These characteristics are prevalent in deserts, arid, and semi-arid environments.

Smart thermostats come in handy to balance these conditions. Having it in your home is a sure way to create comfort for you and your loved ones.

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats with humidistat built-in

Technology has driven thermostats to appoint that they can humidify an entire home. This is quite an improvement from a previous case where thermostats would only fit a single room at a given time.

At the moment, there are quite a variety of thermostats that can serve the needs of a whole home for you to choose from.

In this article, I will examine the best three smart thermostats with a humidistat built-in. These include Honeywell, Emerson, and Ecobee4 thermostats.

Honeywell RTH9580WF Thermostat with humidistat built-in

It is a smart thermostat whose work is in tandem with Alexa. It also uses Wi-Fi to manage and control both humidity and temperature using your voice.

Honeywell has smart features for programming the gadget and is usually characterized as a 7-day automatic device.

It offers flexibility to access the gadget from a remote location using a smartphone or even a laptop. Work the device at your comfort and time.

Honeywell RTH9580WF Thermostat with humidistat built-in

Honeywell smart thermostat with humidistat built-in supports both Android and iOS devices. That makes it suitable for both home and business settings.

Outstanding features in smart thermostat with humidistat built-in

-High-level password and locking capability using high-tech security

-The screen look and feel can be customized to a color of your choice or to match your décor.

-The programming of the gadget makes it an energy-efficient thermostat, saving the user a lot of energy costs

-It is eligible for a decent rebate on utility as long as you can provide a postal or zip code to confirm your eligibility.


Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletSaves on energy due to its programmable capability

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletThe display is a smart touch-screen gadget with a variety of colors and options for the user

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletSmart alerts in case of extreme variations

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletHas a locking feature as well as password capability to beef up security


Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inIt requires a C-wire system to facilitate installation and powering

Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inImpossible to function with a heat pump whose baseboard has a range of between 120 and 240 volts.

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with humidistat built-in

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with humidistat built-in

Ecobee4 comes with room sensors in addition to the inbuilt Alexa to aid in the management and control of humidity.

The device comes with a manual for installation. It has simple to follow instructions, make it a DIY installation that can last you, at most, thirty-five minutes.

When you make the correct settings, the Ecobee4 thermostat with a humidistat built-in will work the device to adjust the temperature settings alone. When you are away from your home, you can be sure that you will save on your energy costs.

Facts on the ground indicate that this gadget can help you save up to 23% of your everyday energy consumption on cooling and heating each year.

Why buy Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with humidistat built-in

  • Comes with Alexa built-in. The latter will facilitate controls on the device that include but are not limited to access to news, timer availability, play some music, and regulation of temperature.
  • Works with other devices, including IFTTT, Samsung SmartThings, Apple Homekit, and Alexa by Amazon.
  • It is compatible with electric, oil, gas, conventional dual-fuel heap pump,dehumidifiers, and humidifiers. Others include ERV, HRV, and Ventilator.


Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletIt has a smart sensor to easily differentiate between cold and hot spots in the house and make the necessary adjustments

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletBrief and straightforward to follow user guide

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletFlexible to use a power extender kit for integrations in homes that lack a C-wire

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletIt collaborates with other gadgets in a home setting for improved management and control


Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inIt can be costly when you are operating on a tight budget.

Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inIt is a challenge if your house has more than one story

Emerson Thermostat with humidistat built-in

Emerson Thermostat with humidistat built-in

Emerson works alongside Google Assitant, Wink platforms for smart homes, Alexa, and the Apple HomeKit.

It is not just a great gadget, but also an energy star certified, thus its energy-saving characteristic that you cannot ignore.

Features such as remote availability, Geofencing, energy consumption, and the 7-day scheduling puts this thermostat on a new level altogether.

Outstanding features in  Emerson thermostat with humidistat built-in

Steps to change a thermostat bulletUse a tablet or a smartphone to control your home

Steps to change a thermostat bulletMost HVAC gadgets in home settings are compatible with Emerson thermostat

Steps to change a thermostat bulletControl humidity and temperature levels using smart alerts

The setup is a simple step by step process with the availability of video lessons on the app.


Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletSmart alerts when there is fluctuation in temperature and humidity

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletFlexible schedule programming for each day

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletIt is compatible with the already available HVAC equipment present in most homes

Advantages of Smart Thermostata with a humidistat built-in BulletYou can set it up and be done entirely in less than 40 minutes.


Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inSome users found challenges using the Wi-Fi connection

Disadvantages of thermostats with humidistat built-inOther brands that you may like to explore on your own include Nest, AprilAire, and Bosch. These also form a part of the quality producers of smart thermostats.

Functioning of SmartThermostat with humidistat built-in

The three key components that facilitate the function of the smart thermostat include:

Steps to change a thermostat bulletThermostat control  which has the capability for remote connection

Steps to change a thermostat bulletThe thermostat app which is crucial in ensuring that these generation of thermostats are fully savvy. It allows for accessibility from either your laptop or your smartphone.

Steps to change a thermostat bulletThe section that has a direct connection to the HVAC system

These three features are intertwined to function together with Wi-Fi to provide an internet connection, thus making the whole process of remotely controlling the temperature in your room seamless.

The gadget has an innate ability to record external and internal temperatures even when the HVAC is running. It also gives useful insights on when to carry out replacement for the air filters. The latter happens over the internet connection with the aid of the app.

What does it mean to Install Smart Thermostat Properly?

The proper function of your thermostat is highly dependent on the installation procedure. That means that you may have challenges if your gadget is not installed as per the standard practices laid out by the manufacturers.

After you get the satisfaction that the device is suitable for your home use, seek to know if the installation guide provided is intuitive enough for you to follow, or you will face challenges.

Electricians are vital to consult with when it comes to the needed kind of wiring if that is causing a challenge on your side. It is also essential to have the affirmation that whatever you are doing is correct.

Step by Step procedure to Set Humidity on a Smart Thermostat

The initial step is to have your thermostat already set with the right temperature settings for a convenient temperature surrounding your home.

Most manufacturers, as well as the ENERGY STAR, advice on setting a range of between seventy and seventy-eight degrees Fahrenheit.

Follow up your temperature setting with that of the humidity levels.

A majority of the households in the United States have an ideal average setting of between 45-55 percent. HGTV has also supported this.

The process of setting up the humidifier will always differ from one manufacturer to another as well as the model of the humidifier. Some will provide a scrolling mechanism using the menu while others have a smart touch-screen, which is even more flexible to enter your desired preferences. Either way, they all provide you with a chance to choose your desired humidity.

Smart Thermostats have a humidity control device built-in. This can be adjusted comfortably from your computer or phone, even remotely.

When you follow the given guidelines on setting the right levels of humidity, you stand a high chance of saving on energy utility bills.

Using Smart thermostats for Many Zones

Many households have designated areas for a home office, living room, kitchen, or bedroom. Have the option to select one of the options given by the thermostats to achieve the desired purpose at a given time is very critical.

A case in hand is when you desire to have a warm cozy experience in your bedroom just before you got to bed without affecting the other zones like the living room or office for that matter. On the other hand, you may want your kitchen warm when you wake up early in the morning to prepare breakfast.

A challenge here is having your entire home is heated or cooled. In such cases, you will often end up paying massive bills. This is where zoning is really applicable.

The beauty of smart thermostats is the ability to have one installed and serving various zones as opposed to installing multiple thermostats.

Smart Wi-Fi Thermostats will help you cut down on the energy bills and give you more control to optimize your desired level of both humidity and temperature. It reduces wastage in terms of cooling and heating by a large margin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How easy is it to change a thermostat?

It is effortless to replace a thermostat as there is barely any difference with changing a light switch.

Steps to change a thermostat bulletPower off the device from the central heating unit

Steps to change a thermostat bulletUnscrew the thermostat you wish to replace

Steps to change a thermostat bulletDisconnect it

Steps to change a thermostat bulletReplace the new smart thermostat

In case you are doing it for the very first time or are not sure to go by the installation manual, then it is essential to engage an expert in the field.

Can Wi-Fi Smart Thermostats work without a Wi-Fi  Connection?

Absolutely yes. The thermostat has been packaged to work, typically even when your Wi-Fi connection is off or has difficulties. The reconnection will happen automatically when your Wi-Fi is back though there is no cause for alarm concerning cooling or heating.

Is a Smart Thermostat worth the hassle?

Smart Thermostats with a humidistat built in not only give you smart functionality but also provide you with remote control of the devices.

Besides, various tests have supported the energy-saving capability these gadgets provide.

Can Smart Thermostats work in my home?

Take precautionary measures always to affirm that it is compatible with your HVAC system before commencing installation. However, you will be delighted to note that a majority of these manufactures have catered for low voltage compatibility with HVAC systems.


It is not in all cases that you will need to buy a smart thermostat over a small humidifier. In some cases where you are only targeting a single room, it is economical to choose the latter over the principal.

Smart thermostats with a humidistat built-in have the capability of maintaining the desired level of humidity and temperature in your home without or with minimal intervention.

The capability to remotely control smart thermostats is essential as it gives you flexibility and options that were not possible with the traditional ones.

Besides being sophisticated, they also ensure that you are saving energy, especially when you consider features such as Geofencing.

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