The Essential AIR O SWISS 7147 REVIEW

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Introduction to AIR O SWISS

AIR O SWISS review has all the essentials to help you succeed in choosing a humidifier of your liking. Looking through online stores for the best double mist humidifier is pointless if you don’t get the correct data and a decent purchasing guide. With such a significant number of brands and models out there, it is difficult to get the particular humidifier that suits your needs.

Right now, you are going to discover information that will be of great use to you in choosing the best double fog humidifier.

For the most part, a humidifier is a gadget that expands the degree of stickiness of a room or an entire house. It does this by producing water fume as a fog into the air. As a result, it mitigates the antagonistic well-being impacts of dry climate.

Before we bounce to the guide, how about we investigate AOS 7147 as a double fog humidifier.

AOS 7147 as a Double Mist Humidifier

The AOS 7147 from Boneco is under double mist humidifiers. It is also very efficient in addressing the issues of each client. It also has a broad room coverage of up to 600 sq. ft. What’s more, is a tank limit of 1.5 gallons.

The AOS 7147 has a higher number of features than the LV600HH. That is despite it having a more significant expense label. In addition, it would effectively make for the best double fog humidifier in the market.

The essential features include a humidistat, auto shut-off component, and low water pointer. In fact, the AOS 7147 has support, usability, and accommodation above and beyond with extra key features. For example, a clock, an auto mode, a rest mode, and an upkeep update.

Upkeep highlights like an inherent Hydro Cell expel polluting influences from the water before it gets discharged.

It has a demineralization cartridge to prevent the creation of white residue during use and an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler for the evacuation of limescale.

The AOS 7147 is unmatched with a yield of 3.4 gallons for warm fog and 2.5 gallons of cool fog every day. In addition, the AOS 7147 is basically calm during utilization. It also devours less power compared to other double fog humidifiers. However, the AOS 7147 is somewhat expensive.

The AOS 7147 will likewise cost you more long-term since you need to replace the cleaning adornments all the time.

It also has included some further developed features, including advanced controls and the alternative to dispersing warm fog.

By and by, Air O Swiss has deliberately planned an innovatively advanced humidifier framework that will address the issues of assuaging side effects related to dry air.

Air O Swiss 7147 Humidifier

Image Product Details   Price
812Gp-srg5L._AC_SL1500_ AIR O SWISS 7147 Features of AIR O SWISSElectrical voltage 120V/60 Hz
Features of AIR O SWISSPower Consumption 40W (125W)
Features of AIR O SWISSHumidity output up to 3.5 gallons / 24h
Features of AIR O SWISSSuitable for rooms up to 600 sq ft (55m2)
Features of AIR O SWISSDimensions (LWH) 24 * 26*31 cm / 9.5 * 10.3 * 12.2 in
Features of AIR O SWISSWeight 6.6 lbs /3 kg
Features of AIR O SWISSOperation noise level < 25dB(A)
Features of AIR O SWISSAccessories Dimineralization cartridge
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AOS 7147 Manufacture and Appearance

The AOS 7147 has an unbiased look and can be set serenely in any room of your house. Place the unit 3 feet over the floor, and away from any returning or warming vents.

The plastic utilized is of acceptable quality and doesn’t look wobbly. Also, the LED lights on the unit are sufficiently brilliant to be utilized as a night light.

The unit runs an activity for the duration of the time it runs on constant mode. This might be troublesome for a great many people except if they intend to utilize the unit’s light as a night light rather than a different light.

The straightforward tanks take into account simple checking of the water level in the gadget.

Features of Air O Swiss 7147

  • Room Coverage: 600 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.5 gallons
  • Humidification Performance: Warm fog: 3.4 lady/24 hrs, Cool fog: 2.5 lady/24 hrs
  • Weight: 9 Ibs
  • Guarantee: 3 years
  • Low water pointer
  • Auto shut off, clock
  • Double Jet Nozzle
  • Support Reminder
  • Humidistat
  • 3 Output Levels
  • Auto Mode, rest mode
  • Hydro Cell, Demineralization Cartridge, EZCal to lessen limescale
  • Warm or cold fog alternative
  • Worked in advanced hygrostat for controlled humidification
  • Smart Temperature Compensation (ITC) – naturally directs the yield to make the most agreeable relative moistness changed in accordance with the temperature in your room
  • Hydro Cell gives steady freshness in a humidifier
  • Demineralization cartridge to prevent lime scales and mineral deposits
  • Computerized delicate touch controls and display
  • Wanted dampness level settings: 30% – 80%
  • Double fog yield course control
  • 1 – 8 hours of nonstop use
  • Rest mode
  • Fog yield levels: 3
  • Essentially quiet activity
  • Straightforward tank
  • Void and cleaning markers
  • Simple to clean and utilize
  • The mechanical quality titanium film surface
  • Lengthy, sturdy and stable lifetime
  • Made in Korea

Advantages of Air O Swiss 7147

  • Humidifies rapidly
  • It has additional features, easy to clean and simplified support
  • Conveys perfect and sterile fog liberated from microscopic organisms
  • Consumes less power
  • Huge room inclusion
  • Calm
  • Auto stickiness control

What Must you know about Air O Swiss 7147?

The 7147 might be, to some degree, smaller in size. However, it will absolutely convey adequate humidity to a decent space of up to 650 square feet. What’s more, if the conditions are correct, for example, having the room entryway shut, this humidifier will convey dampness and solace rapidly!

We feel close to the quiet activity. In fact, there is no uproarious fan noise or dribbling of water. As a result, it is suitable for individuals who are light sleepers or don’t wish to have any upsetting commotion.

Air-O-Swiss has built up an outstanding quad-band water quality security framework, which guarantees sterile fog is scattered. In addition, such security will keep the tank and segments fit as a fiddle and draw out the life of the unit.

The 7147 highlights smooth, delicate touch controls that permit the client to pick their settings easily. We additionally appreciate the included manual, which makes it easy to use. Besides, it helpfully shows the actual dampness directly on the unit.

We preferred the small, lightweight, and easy-to-fill tank compared to other humidifier brands. Further, easily top off in the kitchen sinks, some profound restroom sinks, and in the bath. Also, note that the tank is around 9″ tall.

In contrast with the structured 7145 model, which just scatters a chilly mist, this humidifier has the alternative to pick a relieving warm mist. Indeed, the warm fog can feel additionally ameliorating in colder atmospheres or in a child’s room.

With its Swiss building and development, the 7147 is without question a sturdy humidifier. Further, EZ Cal cleaner is a supportive extra with regards to wiping out the water tank.

Because of its full-bodied development and mechanically propelled design,7147 is a small and effective humidifier at a moderate cost.

Disadvantages of AIR O SWISS 7147

  • Brilliant LED light
  • High upkeep. For example, week after week cleaning.

Using AIR O SWISS 7147

Kindly note that in request to boost the presentation, it is recommended to set the unit to be at any rate 2 feet off the floor to give the mist the chance to vanish before hitting the floor. And to wipe out the covering or wood floor surrounding it from getting clammy.

Air O Swiss 7147
courtesy of brand

The accompanying circumstances could add to the over-the-top white residue thus the recommendation to keep it away from:

  • Utilizing water that has been treated by a water softening framework could bring about an expanded occurrence of white residue because of the overabundance of sodium in the mollified water. Along these lines, it is tipped to utilize water that sidesteps the framework, packaged, or filtered water.
  • Utilizing this item with a negative ionizer air purifier or air cleaner with a discretionary post-ionizing capacity could add to an expanded assortment of residue on surfaces.
  • In the event that this happens, work this item without the negative ionizer air purifier or with the discretionary ionizing capacity reporting in real-time cleaner off.

Expert Review Parameters of AIR O SWISS

AOS Parameter Star Rating Out of 5 Rating
1. Room Coverage 5
2. Level of Quietness 5
3. Filter Life-span and Cost of Replacement Cartridges 4
4. Measure of Maintenance Required 5
5. Hostile to bacterial Features 5
6. Simplicity of Filling 4.5
7. Simplicity of Operation and Filter Replacement 5
8. Nature of Construction 5
9. Humidistat to choose wanted humidity level and hygrometer to show the genuine stickiness in room 5
10. Recurrence of Filling 4
11. Incentive for Price 5

What is a double fog ultrasonic humidifier?

Ultrasonic humidifiers can either radiate cold mist, warm fog, or both. Ultrasonic humidifiers that can radiate both cold and warm mist are called double fog ultrasonic humidifiers. However, dual fog and cold mist ultrasonic humidifiers are the mainstream choices among the three.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are a remarkable kind of humidifier whose utilization has a diaphragm that vibrates at high speed to break down water into mist.

In specific models, a quiet fan pushes the fog up and out into the room.

Ultrasonic humidifiers don’t utilize wick filters, so you don’t need to stress over replacing anything, in spite of the fact that you will, in any case, need to top off the tank and clean it periodically.

The primary drawback of ultrasonic humidifiers is that during the time spent breaking water to make mist, white residue is likewise produced, which will spread around the room during use.

Buying Guide for a Dual Mist Humidifier

When selecting a particular model of double mist humidifier, there are a few components you have to initially consider before agreeing to that model.


The cost of Dual fog humidifiers ranges from $20 to over $500. The purpose behind the value contrasts is because of various components. One of these variables incorporates the components present in the models.

A model with a low water pointer feature, a programmed auto shut-off element, and a humidistat will cost more than one which does not have these features.

In any case, the primary factor influencing the cost of various models is the measure of the room the humidifier covers. A whole-house humidifier will cost you more than one that can only cover a smaller space.

A humidifier like the Boneco 7135 sensibly costs more than the TaoTronics TT-AH007 double humidifier because of its wealth of features and auto choices.

How AOS 7147 Operates

The AOS 7147 works on 3 settings: low, moderate, and high. The tank can be somewhat dubious about topping off. It tops off from the base and should be flipped around for that reason.

When filled, it should be turned around for it to sit appropriately on the base. Additionally, the settings should be returned each time the gadget is turned on.

The entire process of operations may be so daunting to you that it becomes a deterrent in your endeavors to acquiring this humidifier.


Each kind of humidifier requires steady upkeep for it to continue working appropriately.

They additionally require consistent tank tops off, which could be twice or thrice daily, depending upon the tank limit of your model.

Numerous clients frequently complain of trouble in getting the tank and different pieces of their humidifiers clean because of a poor design.

It is a great suggestion you get a humidifier you would clean appropriately to prevent the spread of microscopic organisms, green growth, and infections.

Some double mist humidifiers accompany an EZCal Cleaner and Descaler for the expulsion of limescale. Having a humidifier with these features could make cleaning and support more straightforward.

When picking a humidifier, consistently go with the one you would effectively keep up your wellbeing from unclean air and misuse of assets because of early harm or breakage.


Whole-house humidifiers

Whole house humidifiers are the biggest of humidifiers available dependent on room inclusion. They are connected to the HVAC framework and powers steam into the conduits and moves all through your home.

You should possibly consider this alternative in the event that you have focal warming and cooling.

The primary focal points of whole-house humidifiers are you wouldn’t have to buy different humidifiers, and they require less support.

Single room humidifiers

In the event that you need to humidify a space beneath 1000 sq ft. at that point, getting a solitary room humidifier is the best choice.

Single room humidifiers are progressively adaptable as they permit you to set your ideal moistness level for a specific room, in contrast to whole-house humidifiers.


In the event that you’re setting your humidifier in your room, at that point, you have to consider whether the noise will influence your capacity to rest.

You ought to likewise consider the size of the humidifier you are looking for since large humidifiers will, in general, produce more noise than convenient little humidifiers.

Channel or Filter Free

Some double fog humidifiers incorporate filters that trap debasements before they are discharged into the air.

Humidifiers that come with filters are progressively costly during long-haul use contrasted with different kinds of humidifiers because of the ordinary substitution of filters.

In the event that you need to buy a humidifier with the filter alternative, ensure you check if the replacement of the channels is promptly accessible.

Tank Capacity

Most clients of little humidifiers whine about topping off continually.

On the off chance that you’re somebody who might find that really irritating, then, you would need to go for a humidifier with a bigger tank limit.

Notwithstanding, the tank limit is straightforwardly corresponding to the measure of the room the humidifier covers.

Features of Air O Swiss 7147

Some humidifiers come with some key features that improve them in contrast with others. These attributes make them simple to utilize and keep up and furthermore make them last more.

Humidistat – A humidistat screens the moistness in the room. A humidistat works by naturally killing the humidifier when your set stickiness level has been attained.

Auto Shutoff – This works close by with the humidistat when the degree of wanted humidity is reached. Additionally, the auto shut-off feature stops the humidifier when the water in the tank gets excessively low.

Low water marker – This attribute is a lighting framework. By and large, a green LED light signals a full tank, and a red LED light signals a low water tank.

Clock – The clock property would prove to be useful, particularly on the off chance that you don’t need the humidifier running always. The clock will consequently stop the humidifier at the set time. This can help keep your room from getting excessively humid and furthermore spare you from topping off the tank frequently.

Preferences of double fog humidifiers

Features of Air O Swiss

Buy Air O Swiss

Double mist ultrasonic humidifiers spare you the expense since they can deliver both warm and cold fog. You will never again need to buy various humidifiers as it covers your requirements for each season.

Double mist ultrasonic humidifiers are calmer contrasted with different sorts of humidifiers. This element is one reason why they are an exceptionally well-known choice in the market.

Weaknesses of double fog humidifiers

Because of the wealth of features and choices, double fog humidifiers will, in general, be increasingly costly contrasted with different sorts of humidifiers.

Slip-ups people make while using AIR O SWISS Humidifiers and how to avoid them

Over humidifying nature

When utilizing humidifiers, it is encouraged to buy one with a humidistat to assist keep with checking the humidity level of the room.

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, the moistness level of your room ought to be below 60 per cent in the mid-year and, in a perfect world, between 25 per cent and 40 per cent relative humidity in the winter.

Getting the correct dampness level would help ease your hypersensitivity indications, yet when it becomes over the top, it would be counterproductive.

In the event that your humidifier comes up short on a humidistat, you can purchase a hygrometer, moistness meter to precisely measure and check your indoor relative dampness.

Not cleaning the humidifier enough

The way that most humidifiers require steady upkeep could get irritating to most clients, and some would sooner or later neglect to clean their humidifiers.

Cautious and steady cleaning of your humidifier is an absolute necessity, and dependent on the maker’s guidelines, you may need to clean your humidifier consistently.

Since humidifiers discharge mist, which you inhale, it is central to pay attention to its upkeep.

In the event that you neglect to clean its tank and filters routinely, it can breed form, microscopic organisms, and green growth.

They also discharge these living beings into the air that you breathe. This would exacerbate your sensitivity side effects and potentially give you contamination.

It is highly advised you check the client’s manual for cleaning directions and tail them profoundly.

Utilizing Tap Water

Most clients of ultrasonic humidifiers regularly whine of a white buildup, white residue, that settles on surfaces and furniture while utilizing their humidifiers.

This white residue is because of the minerals present in the faucet water (tap water) utilized by the humidifier.

This white residue could lead to something beyond mutilating your furnishings and different surfaces, and it would likewise advance the development of microbes and shape in your humidifier.

To battle this, a few producers have a demineralization cartridge for their humidifiers. In the event that your humidifier does not have this element, you can primarily utilize clean or demineralized water.

Best Place to Buy AIR O SWISS 7147 Digital Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

Shop the best deal of the day for Air-O-Swiss 7147 be it a digital warm or cool mist ultrasonic humidifier. These are also the best deals from significant US retailers. In addition, there has been a recent decrease in item prices every other day.

Air-O-Swiss 7147 Digital Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier is a hit and excellent item.

You can purchase Air-O-Swiss 7147 Digital Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier by following the link beneath.

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Double mist ultrasonic humidifiers give you an alternative between warm and cold fog during seasons, which would spare the expense of buying various humidifiers for various seasons.

The Air-O-Swiss 7147 humidifier is the siphoned-up variant of our more traditional 7145 cool fog humidifier. Further, it highlights computerized controls, and smooth, touch options, a progressively solid structure, and the alternative to scattering warm & cool mist.

This flexible and minimized 7147 is an extraordinary choice for individuals who need all the fancy odds. As a result, they get a quiet activity humidifier for medium to bigger rooms.

Air-O-Swiss reliably separates itself from other home humidifiers as a result of such progressed and effective features that accompany the 7147 model.

Boneco via Air O Swiss keeps on dazzling our item analyzers with their new humidifier models. Subsequently, the 7147 is no different case. Its advanced delicate touch controls are anything but smooth to utilize and incorporate programming choices to take into account clock use.

An inherent hygrostat considers controlled humidification, whereas a double mist yield takes into account course control.

On the other hand, ultrasonic innovation gives a close to the quiet activity we all crave. In fact, there is even the alternative of warm or cold fog and three mist yield levels.

The Boneco via Air O Swiss 7147 is minimal and adaptable. It is, therefore, an ideal option for anybody hoping to humidify medium to enormous rooms.

When choosing a particular model, guarantee you observe the features, how it functions in general, and cleaning directions before buying.

Some humidifiers are moderately forthright however cost more during extended use. It is imperative to check if your model could cost you more to keep up with before settling on your decision.

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