Air Innovations Humidifier Reviews

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If you’ve at any point experienced a typical cold or influenza, then, you’ll know how significant humidifier treatment is. The absence of dampness around can bring about skin or nasal dryness. On the off chance that is your destiny, then, the best Air Innovations humidifier is the solution to your concern.

In addition to treating the previously mentioned conditions, Air Innovations Humidifiers will give pure and safe air to your whole family.

Air Innovations is one of the leading producers of top humidifier models. While all items are known for their prevalent quality, we feature their best 10 models.

From the items reviewed, we’ve seen the MH-701BA as the best Air Innovations Humidifier. Why?
This model won’t just give your whole space dampness, up to 600 sq ft. You don’t need to top off routinely because of its runtime of 96 hours.

Additionally, you can pick between 5 fog settings. We love that it’s a low support unit that you don’t need to buy filters for.
We talk about this model and more in our item reviews in due course.

Top 10 Air Innovations Humidifiers Review 2020

We spent hours looking into the models on our rundown dependent on various vital features. Initially, we examined the coverage zone that shows how much dampness the unit can convey in a given space.

Your comfort is vital, which is the reason we’ve additionally taken the initiative to explore the water tank limit and runtime of the humidifiers.

The two variables decide how regularly you should top off the units. Additionally, we’ve introduced these specs in a comparison table to make it simple for you to analyze every item inside and outside.

Subsequently, we’ve incorporated a purchaser’s manual to help you comprehend what variables to consider before making the purchase finally.

Product Listing Table for Air Innovations Humidifiers

Image Product Details   Price
51s5YaYvHoL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-701BA Dimensions:8 x 8 x 18.5 inches
Weight: 4.5 pounds
1-year warranty
Runs up to 96 hours in 1 fill
5 mist settings
Rotating mist nozzle
Adjustable humidistat
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51RXCZGm32L._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT Dimensions -10.2 x 10.2 x 16.2 inches
Weight – 5.2 pounds
5 mist settings
Rotating mist nozzle
Adjustable humidistat
Runs Up to 120 Hours in 1 fill
Remote control
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51biEegTxbL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations 901D Volume -1.60 gallons
Weight -2 kilograms
5 different mist setting
1.6-gallon capacity
Digital led display
Run up to 100 hours on the low cover up to 600 sq. Ft
Has an extension nozzle that measures 15L dual directional mist nozzle
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510X1u5aRCL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations Black MH-602 Dimensions -10.5 x 7.5 x 14.5 inches Weight -3.7 pounds
Runs up to 80 Hours in 1 fill
Four Mist Settings
Auto Shut Off
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51YIv42SjqL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-505A Dimensions 9.2 x 6.5 x 12.8 inches 3.5 pounds
1-year warranty
Runs For a Full 70 Hrs. on low
4 Different Mist Settings
Fully Programmable Timer
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51RXCZGm32L._AC_SL1000_ AIR INNOVATIONS 2.15 GAL. COOL MIST DUAL TANK DIGITAL HUMIDIFIER Dimensions 10.2 x 10.2 x 16.2 inches 5.2 pounds
1-year warranty
Runs Up To 120 Hours in 1 fill
5 mist settings  
Adjustable humidistat Rotating mist nozzle
Check Price
61A3mTvTErL._AC_SL1000_ AIR INNOVATIONS 1.1 GAL. COOL MIST HUMIDIFIER Dimensions 8 x 8 x 14 inches
2.9 pounds
1-year warranty
Runs Up To 70 Hours in 1 fill
Variable mist settings Rotating mist nozzle
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Air Innovations MH-701BA

Air Innovations Humidifier MH-701BA
courtesy of brand

Here we have a large humidifier that has a water tank limit of 1.7 gallons. You’ll be dazzled by how it’s designed to run for at any rate of 96 hours on a separate tank.

It’s the one to pick if you need an incredible unit to humidify a vast region since it can cover 600ft². Since it’s a cold fog ultrasonic humidifier, you can anticipate that it should run calmly. You won’t be upset regardless of whether you leave it to run overnight.

It’s generally a low upkeep unit.

Since it has perpetual ceramic channels, you don’t have to replace them. On top of that, you’ll value that this model has five fog settings. Just change as indicated by your inclinations.

You and your family will be breathing clean air because of the counter microbial tank that is intended to renew the humidity. Further, it includes a coordinated humidistat that works by keeping up the stickiness levels that you set.

We love this humidifier for its adaptability; you can change it from a story to a table humidifier depending on your liking.

Air Innovations Humidifiers MH-701BA
courtesy of brand

Another of its highlights is the turning spout that permits you to coordinate dampness precisely where you need it. Not exclusively is this humidifier best for kids, yet it additionally helps dehydrate your wood furniture.

Shockingly, a couple of clients have noticed that the water will leak in some way after some period of using the device. Be that as it may, in the event that you experience this, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

You may find a few pieces of the unit hard to clean in view of the tight spaces.

Advantages of Air Innovations MH-701BA

  • Large inclusion zone
  • Calm activity
  • Simple to utilize
  • Broadening spout
  • Incorporates remote control
  • Antimicrobial plastic
  • No signs of leakages

Disadvantages of Air Innovations MH-701BA

• May prove challenging to clean

Air Innovations MH-701BA Humidifiers
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Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

Pick this model if a large capacity humidifier is the thing you’re looking for. In addition to the fact that it has a noteworthy 2.15-gallon water tank limit, it’s intended to run for 120 hours. This is on the grounds that it comes with two tanks.

Despite being a very superior unit, it runs unobtrusively.

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT
courtesy of brand

You won’t be upset in your rest on the off chance that you run the unit overnight.

Given the high tank capacity, this is the model to pick on the off chance that you need to humidify an enormous space; it’s intended to cover a noteworthy 700ft².

Like the model audited above, it additionally has lasting filters that do not need replacement.

Furthermore, you and your family will be breathing clean air with this humidifier that is intended to discharge clean dampness. Along with that, you’ll find the unit simple to work on account of the easy-to-understand advanced interface.

You can choose to utilize it as a table or floor air innovations humidifier. Also, this model comes with a remote to work the unit; you can switch the humidifier on and off or alter settings.

This model likewise includes a programmable clock.

In addition, the spout is wide for simple water filling. Cleaning the expansion cylinder will be somewhat dubious. Or maybe utilize a brush to make the process simpler.

Generally speaking, you’ll be intrigued by this unit yet it’s a little pricey which is conventional thinking about the high specs.

Advantages of Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

  • Extra huge limit
  • Easy to utilize
  • Long run time

Disadvantages of Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

• Difficult to clean
• Expensive

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT Humidifiers
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Air Innovations 901D

Pick this model in case you’re searching for a superior, yet moderate humidifier. This model is additionally viewed as a high-limit humidifier and has a 1.6-gallon water tank limit.

This implies it’s optimal to use in vast spaces since it has an enormous inclusion zone.

It can discharge dampness that covers 600ft².

Once more, this Air Innovations humidifier contains lasting filters, so you don’t have to replace them.

You’ve ensured a home loaded up with clean and without germ air because the water tank is hostile to microbial.

You’ll find this humidifier simple to control using the digital interface. Altering fog control and stickiness will be very straightforward.

Air Innovations 901D
courtesy of brand

Perusing through the moistness levels will be pure gratitude to the simple-to-understand display that is readily available. In any case, note that this model is not accompanied by remote control.

The air innovations humidifier comes with a long augmentation spout that permits you to move the unit’s area to humidify your whole home.

It weighs just 5lb, so moving it around will be very simple and you can do it at no extra cost.

Topping off the unit will be very simple to fill the structure to the apical. Basically, lift up the top and empty water into the tank. Like all Air Innovations Humidifiers, this model runs amazingly tranquil.

In case you’re worn out on ugly-looking humidifiers, consider this model as it highlights a cutting edge and smooth structure.

By and large, this humidifier dazzles as far as execution, structure, and moderateness are concerned. Be that as it may, lamentably, you may find this unit somewhat hard to clean.

Advantages of Air Innovations 901D

  • Versatile
  • Easy to fill
  • Large limit
  • Releases reliable fog

Disadvantages of Air Innovations 901D

• No remote
• Difficult to clean

Air Innovations 901D  Humidifiers
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Air Innovations Black MH-602

In the event that you need a significantly less expensive humidifier, think about this model. Despite the low value, it’s a considerable humidifier that can hold 1.6 gallons of water.

The unit offers a fantastic 80-hour runtime on a single tank.

Air Innovations Black MH-602 Humidifier
courtesy of brand

It covers rooms that are about 500ft². In addition, it weighs just about 4lb which makes it a moderately lightweight unit.

Moving it around starting with one spot then onto the next is very seamless. Portability is additionally made conceivable by the expansion spout that comes with the item.

Since it includes a pivoting spout, you can likewise point it toward the path you need to humidify. On the off chance that you have any children or infants in the house that experience the ill effects of dry skin or eyes, make sure to pick this humidifier.

You’ll additionally find out that it’s simple to work on account of the intuitive computerized controls.

This model comes with a couple of valuable extra features. For example, an implicit handle with an extra-wide opening. That ensures that topping off water into the unit will be unaffected.

It likewise comes with a programmable clock that permits you to stop the unit on and at whatever point you need. You’ll be glad to realize that this humidifier runs extremely calmly so you can make the most of your rest in harmony.

A few clients have questioned the strength of the item in the wake of the revelation that the cartridge channel broke. Likewise, a couple of clients have noticed that it begins spilling after use for about two or three months.

In the event that this transpires, utilize the one-year warranty at your disposal.

Advantages of Air Innovations Black MH-602

  • Powerful For enormous rooms
  • Long run time

Disadvantages of Air Innovations Black MH-602

• Durability flawed
• May spill

Air Innovations Black MH-602 Humidifiers
courtesy of brand
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Air Innovations MH-505

For our spending pick, we have this MH-505 model which is the least expensive on our rundown. It comes in an alluring blue and white shading which makes the humidifier outwardly engaging.

Concerning execution, it has the most minimal water tank limit of 1.3 gallons; however, this is very sufficient to humidify a vast zone.

Despite having a 70-hour run time, which is lower than the remainder of the models on our rundown, you don’t have to top off time and again.

Air Innovations MH-505
courtesy of brand

You will appreciate as long as nine hours of rest before you have to top the tank. Like all Air Innovations humidifiers, it includes an implicit clock and humidistat.

You can set the stickiness levels as indicated by your ideal inclination. In addition, you and your family will be breathing clean air with this model.

It likewise comes with a plastic that is not very friendly with the microbial tank.

This unit runs discreetly; in this way, you don’t need to stress over any clamor while it runs. In fact, the most commotion you may get is the notification from this unit when water is leaving the tank into the plate.

Weighing just 3.5lb, it’s perhaps the lightest model on our rundown. As a result, moving it around will be without any strain at all.

It additionally comes with a changeless filter, so you never need to replace it. You’ll value that it has LED lights, though a few clients have noticed that they aren’t as brilliant as they usually look.

Using the showcase unit around evening time may be somewhat troublesome. Tragically, you can’t fill water from the top. You have to flip around, which makes the topping-off process troublesome.

Advantages of Air Innovations MH-505

  • Solid development
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use
  • Has a timer working 24 hours
  • Leaks are non-existent
  • Plastic is antimicrobial
  • The nozzle is adjustable
  • Works quietly

Disadvantages of Air Innovations MH-505

  • Lights not exceptionally splendid
  • Difficult to top off
Air Innovations MH-505 Humidifiers
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Other than introducing humidifiers to your air vents and heater, there are hardly any alternatives with regards to including dampness for extra-huge rooms, or an entire house. Air Innovations plans to change that with its 2.15-gallon ultrasonic cool fog humidifier.
This unit is intended to run for as long as 120 hours on full tanks. Indeed, that is long. Plus, this humidifier comes with two tanks, which makes it a lot simpler to fill.
While a great deal of people has not gotten 120 hours of utilization out of this humidifier on one fill, it can in the best case achieve a few days in the lowest setting.
When placed on the unique setting, expect around 24 hours of dampness.

courtesy of brand

There is a humidistat, which makes it simple for you to set it to a particular degree of dampness, and it’ll direct itself. There’s likewise a clock, yet it’s somewhat wonky, as you can’t only set it up to run from a specific time to some other time. Besides, it resets each time it runs out, which nullifies its comfort factor.

This is a simple to utilize humidifier; however, it has different issues. For example, there have been reports of deformities, and spills.
Likewise, while this is a peaceful unit, you may hear some sputtering noise to a great extent.

If you need a humidifier that will work for a region of up to 700 square feet in size, this might be the best alternative out there.


  • Simple to utilize
  • Customizable humidistat
  • Antimicrobial plastic
  • Incorporates remote control
  • Double directional spout
  • Double tanks
courtesy of brand
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Simply turn the dial on the unit to change the settings to either low, medium and high options available at your disposal.

There are no fancy odds and ends on this humidifier, which makes it unquestionably reasonable. You also get a turning spout, and you can point the fog to the bearing you need it.

The lasting ceramic channel is a decent touch, as well, as it can help clean the water you use, which decreases the measure of white residue that is produced.

Obviously, not everything about this unit is excellent.

There have been reports of holes, or things getting shrouded in the water close to the unit. Additionally, there have been reports of deformities; however, you get a one-year warranty with this unit.

In the event that you need a humidifier for a little room and you needn’t bother with a humidistat or remote control, this could be the best one for you.

Advantages for AIR INNOVATIONS 1.1 GAL

  • Relatively Calm when in action
  • Simple to utilize
  • Available at a moderate price
  • Antimicrobial plastic
  • Turning spout

Disadvantages for AIR INNOVATIONS 1.1 GAL

  • Leaks could possibly occur
  • Signs of imperfections revealed
courtesy of brand
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Purchasing Guide

You’re now aware of the different types of Air Innovations Humidifiers available. However, do you know what to go about buying the right for you? Explore the purchaser’s guide beneath as we walk you through an effective procedure to select a suitable air innovations humidifier.


Air Innovations is under the umbrella organization Great Innovations, which has its home in Florida. Besides humidifiers, the organization additionally makes air purifiers, fans, and fragrant healing diffusers.

Things being the way they are, what’s the main reason to trust this organization to your indoor air, and increasing the moistness in your home?

The items they make reliably get high reviews from shoppers, and they frequently beat their rivals.

What types of Humidifiers does Air Innovations make?

Most humidifiers you can purchase today are ultrasonic, or cool fog humidifiers. The warm fog humidifiers, otherwise called vaporizers, are rare. Maybe this is on the grounds that the cool mist types are more secure and use far less power.

Air Innovations clusters its humidifier classes somewhat better, yet there’s just one kind of innovation the organization employs.


There’s no confounding what these humidifiers are for – they’re close to home humidifiers, so you shouldn’t expect them to cover more than 100 to 150 square feet.

These little humidifiers from Air Innovations use filtered water, making them advantageous, versatile, and simple to utilize.


You will find a humidifier indicated for small, medium, and enormous rooms, and Air Innovations covers every one effectively.
The organization even offers an extra-enormous humidifier that can occupy a room that is up to 700 square feet with thick stickiness.


It’s crucial that Air Innovations rejects different sorts of humidifiers.

Ultrasonic is the primary way that the organization goes, considering all things. On top of that, Ultrasonic is the most recent innovation in humidifiers and its ultra-calm.

There’s no fan to make a commotion like there are in the evaporative sorts. Also, the impeller types are somewhat obsolete.


Right now, all the room and individual humidifiers are something worth looking into since cold fog is the leading Air Innovations humidifier as far as it goes.

Besides the ordinary advantages of adding dampness to your air, a cold fog humidifier is more secure to utilize, and they don’t utilize a considerable amount of energy.

What is basic when purchasing Air Innovations Humidifier?

Before purchasing an Air Innovations Humidifier consider factors, for example, the run time, inclusion region, and topping off procedure. We’ll clarify a portion of these variables beneath.

Why Air Innovations Humidifier?

Air Innovations Humidifiers are known for their quietness. They all give clean air since their tanks are against microbial. Furthermore, the best part is they are entirely moderate.

Features to consider while picking an Air Innovations Humidifier

These humidifiers seem indistinguishable; however, they work in an unexpected way. These items each contain various features which influence their general working.

So, before buying, consider what it comes with and ensure which one suits your requirements.


All Air Innovations humidifiers have the main reason as including the dampness all around. Be that as it may, there are various sorts which you should think about:

Cool-fog humidifiers

This sort scatters room temperature mist and for the most part, covers an enormous territory. The best part is they don’t use a lot of power as the other different kinds.

Warm fog humidifiers

This kind discharges warm dampness into a room on account of the warming component intended to warm water before dispersing. As a result, it’s not astonishing that they utilize a great deal of power.

However, since the water is bubbled, germs are killed in the process bringing about cleaner and more secure air that is liberated from polluting agents.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These can either scatter hot or cold fog into the air contingent upon the model you pick. Be that as it may, the primary explanation behind its ubiquity is on the grounds that it’s very tranquil.

Most models surveyed above are ultrasonic.

Inclusion territory

Consider the space you need to humidify. Is it a little or a large region? This will determine the kind of humidifier that will have to cover such a region.

For an enormous room, you’ll need a high limit humidifier that can discharge dampness into a vast zone, for example, the MH-801B-PLAT.

However, when utilizing the humidifier in a little room, picking a humidifier with a little inclusion territory like the 901D model will get the job done.

Water tank limit

In the event that you would prefer not to top off your humidifier from time to time, then pick one with an enormous water tank limit, for example, the MH-801B-PLAT.

Then again, just be prepared to frequently top off the unit if you pick a humidifier with a little water tank limit. At last, you should consider your general direction to the space you need to humidity.

Get one with a huge water tank in case you’re humidifying a large room.


The best Air Innovations humidifiers incorporate a humidistat that displays to you the stickiness level in the room you have in your unit.

It’s a useful component that tells you when to stop your humidifier – most houses are agreeable at 40 to 60 percent moistness.

Beyond the features accessible on Air Innovations humidifiers, you should pick one dependent on its appearance – from brilliant coloring and smooth structures to computerized displays, there are a lot of different exciting points.

Run time

To what extent can the humidifier run for before it needs topping off? The general run time of the humidifier is directly related to the size of the water tank as featured previously.

You should know about its working at low or high settings. Typically, the run time is altogether reduced if the humidifier is working at high settings.

Measurements and weight

The general measurements—and weight—of the humidifier is significant as it influences position and transportability.
Will you place the humidifier on a tabletop or floor?

In the event that you’re setting it on a shelf, then pick a light one. However, an enormous unit will work well if you place it on the floor.
Will you utilize the humidifier in a separate room or the whole house?

In the event that you’ll be moving from one room to the next, then a lightweight humidifier, for example, the 901D model is perfect for simple versatility.


You’ll be glad to realize that all Air Innovations humidifiers are secured by a one-year warranty. This is proof of trust in the item by the producer.


Most ultrasonic humidifiers don’t utilize filters, yet there are not many that do. You can find some of Air Innovations’ humidifiers utilizing a perpetual earthenware channel, which you won’t need to replace.

Others may utilize hard-water channels, which have an enormous effect on the white residue that is regularly produced by cool fog humidifiers.

In any case, ensure that you are using a clean humidifier and filters.

Additional features

A few models do accompany a couple of additional features to upgrade the execution of the unit. These incorporate auto-shut-off controls, clocks, and night lights.

The MH-505 comes with night lights to assist you with working the control panel screen when it’s dark. Different models come with channels and oil diffusers which spare you the problem of spending more.

In any case, for the most part, note that the additional features on the model may build the general expense of the unit marginally.

The most effective method to keep up an Air Innovations Humidifier

Ordinary upkeep of these units is non-debatable in the event that you want them to function normally—and last more.
You can begin by routinely cleaning the water tank to limit any shape and microorganisms from developing.

Inability to do so compromises you and your family. In fact, you will breathe in unclean air is unsafe. Moistening outlets must be checked consistently to guarantee that dampness is streaming easily.

All Air Innovations humidifiers have changeless filters that don’t require replacement. In any case, all these are general rules, along these lines, utilize your item’s specific upkeep directions to abstain from harming the unit.

Frequently asked Questions

When the stickiness is low what number of gallons every week does it require to keep the region sticky?

By and large, you’ll need 15 gallons of water for each week if the mugginess is low to keep the region humidified.

Would you be able to set a particular mugginess on the unit?

Indeed, you can change dampness ranges on the unit at will.

Are these humidifiers calm?

Yes, these humidifiers are calm. In the event that you pick an ultrasonic humidifier, you won’t have a lot of commotion to fight with.

Which Model will you Purchase?
From our rundown of proposals which model will you purchase? Possibly our best three picks will help with your dynamism.


A humidifier has an interest in your well-being, just as your family’s, and even your pets and furniture. Adding dampness to the air in your home can assist you with breathing better, ease dry skin, decrease sensitivities, and even diminish wheezing.

Your wooden furniture will be better, molded, as well. While picking the correct one for you, the cost might be a factor, or conceivably one of the considerations.

Air Innovations Humidifier MH-701BA

We’ll begin with the Air Innovations Humidifier MH-701BA which we’ve voted as the best choice. It’s the best Air Innovations humidifier on the grounds that it is a fantastic unit intended to humidify an enormous region. Furthermore, it’s not costly by any stretch of the imagination.

Regardless of whether you just have a little space to humidify, the best Air Innovations humidifier could be the Air Innovations 2.15 Gal. Cool Mist Dual Tank Digital Humidifier for Large Rooms.

Not exclusively does this humidifier siphon moistness into your home for as long as 120 hours on one fill; however, it can likewise work for 700-square foot space. It’s as peaceful as the different humidifiers available that use ultrasonic utilization innovation.

It even has a remote control in its accompaniment. In fact, the humidistat makes it simple for you to perceive how well it’s attempting to return dampness to the air for you to relax.

Also, for all that you’re getting, the expense is sensible, making this an excellent worth.

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

Next is the Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT, which is the best humidifier that has two tanks. Likewise, it has the most significant water tank limit and the longest run time.

Air Innovations 901D

The Air Innovations 901D is one of the best on our rundown. This is likewise an amazingly colossal limit humidifier. It’s also a flexible model that you can utilize either as a table or floor humidifier.

That is our conclusion. Which one do you believe is the best Air Innovations humidifier for your home?

Why not pick one and appreciate a clean and robust environment for you and your family!

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