Privacy Policy

Any Humidifier has put your privacy as its key concern. In this privacy policy, we endeavor to show the kind of personal information we collect and how Any Humidifier intends to use it. Before diving deep into the privacy policies in general, we hope you can first check out this privacy policy.

Routine Information Collection

In general, any web server, by default, keeps track of basic information about any visitors to any site. You will be glad to note that visitors to the site can not be identified individually using this information. The latter information comprises timestamps, IP addresses, referring pages, and browser details. It is usually done for maintenance and administration purposes which have made it an everyday routine. You may also wish to explore more on the Ezoic privacy policy used by Any Humidifier.

Cookies and Web Beacons

For Any Humidifier to better serve its visitors, it uses cookies to keep track of its history and preferences. It is not always the case. This practice ensures that our clients can access content customized to suit their needs.

Third parties and most advertising partners may use cookies, web beacons, or scripts to monitor visitors on our site to show specific information to the visitor or personalize advertisements. Servers from third parties handle the latter, and that is in line with their privacy policy.

Controlling Your Privacy

On the off chance that you are overly concerned about your privacy, you are at will to disable cookies by using your settings. However, it is not recommended at all because it can affect the way you use some of the sites. For more controlled usage, we advise you to dot it as per a given site. If you have a challenge accomplishing this, you are free to refer to your browser’s documentation. Therein, you find details on mechanisms for tracking and, more so, how to block cookies.

Special Note About Google Advertising

Google and companies affiliated with it use cookies to manage how it serves its ads depending on what you search for most of the time. It also affects other sites that use Google advertising services. This, as mentioned earlier, is dependent on the privacy policies provided by Google. As a result, you need to consult Google on quitting using Google cookies to discontinue the service.

Contact Information

In case of additional help or clarification of any kind, you are free to send your queries to


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In case of concerns about any of the products, ads do not hesitate to reach out. Any Humidifier will be more than willing to provide more details on the same.

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