The No filter Humidifiers for Home

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No filter humidifiers have the challenge of constantly changing the filter, but the filterless humidifier has come to eradicate the challenge. As the name suggests filterless humidifier means it does not use any filter.

A humidifier is a device that maintains the room atmosphere to be moist. It helps in balancing atmospheric changes. That is because the rate at which air on the outside is contaminated is high compared to the air that we breathe in at our houses.

Humidifiers, especially the no-filter humidifier highly improves the purification of the air as it expels more dust compared to the humidifiers with filters.

Also, no filter humidifier makes less noise compared to the filtered one.

Air humidifiers are well known for adding moisture to the air. Hence, it prevents dryness that mostly affects the body by causing irritation of the skin, nose, throat, and lips.

They also relieve one from the symptoms of flu, including removal of particles, allergens, bacterial effects, and also protection from other serious related problems. These wholly affect one’s respiratory system like asthmatic-related problems. As a result, it will help you improve your overall health.

It also reduces snoring as it helps one to sleep in dry air. Because snoring is highly caused by nasal congestion and throat irritation.

In addition, dry air quickly causes one to get an unproductive dry cough. However, the addition of humidity in the air improves the air moisture, which opens the airways that help contain a cough.

Such a cough is accompanied by sticky sputum which is a sticky substance that lines the lungs, throat, and nose.

The filterless humidifier is also less costly as it does not take into account the cost of filter replacement.

No Filter Humidifiers Product Listing

Image Product Details   Price
61dUDRO0ANL._AC_SL1500_ Levoit LV600HH -for large room 6L
-has a convenient remote control
-easy to clean
-covers 70m2
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61xPf9Yqc5L._AC_SL1500_ VicTsing 2L Cool Mist Humidifier -variable mist output
-cool mist
-ultrasonic humidifier
-automatic shut off
-a 24-hour humidifier
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612GMQ56WKL._AC_SL1500_ Everlasting Comfort humidifier
-for bedroom(6L)
-has an essential oil tray(white)
-works with auto
-features a 6L tank
-takes up to 500 sq.ft
-no filter
-Has an oil diffuser
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51Fp9i51R9L._AC_SL1243_ Vicks V4600 -has up to two Vicks Vapopads
-capacity holder of 1.2 gallons
-for medium-sized rooms
-mist humidifier
-33 hours runtime
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81foyu0DmKL._AC_SL1500_ PureGuardian H965 -ultrasonic cool mist humidifier
-70-hour runtime
-1 Gallon tank capacity
-silver clean protection
-optional night light
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71U+AF3j9uL._SL1500_ MistAire XL -cool mist humidifier
-1.5-litre tank capacity
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41WokLjuofL._AC_ Vornado Ultra3 -has an onboard humidistat
-continuous running
-easy settings
-large moisture emit
-capacity: 1 gallon
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71Mi29b0VbL._AC_SL1500_ Vicks VUL520P -capacity: 5 gallons
– with soft glow nightlight
– Easy to clean
– auto shut off
-Perfect for small size rooms
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61JatnAJ3SL._AC_SL1500_ Elechomes UC5501 – ultrasonic Humidifier
– 6L vaporizer
-cool mist for large room
-customized humidity
-has simple controls
-LED touch
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71DJbUOHNHL._AC_SL1500_ PureGuardian is the H940 -has 0.5-gallon capacity
-covers up to 270 sq.ft
-small room coverage
-cool mist humidifier
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Levoit LV600HH No Filter Humidifier

Levoit LV600HH no filter humidifier
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Levoit LV600HH is a no-filter humidifier that favors a larger room set for a favorable installation. Because it covers a vast area of about 70m2.

This is great because of its storage of about 6 L capacity. As a result, it gives about 36 hours of continuous use despite the low mist level.

Another great advantage to using the Levoit LV600HH is its ability for more natural cleaning and operation rate. Since it has a small narrow opening that quickly removes the attachable silencer.

Its vast tank makes it easy for refilling as it gives way for opening the tank.

It has a red color, which is a simple indication to the user that the amount of water in the tank is low.

The humidifier also facilitates a gentle and quiet sleep all night as it has a patented silencer that gives the humidifier air allowance of a maximum of 30decibels. In healthy living, this is much quieter compared to some places that might be thought to be.

Levoit no filter humidifier
courtesy of brand

Further, the humidifier has a gently calm blue night color with an option to leave it on overnight. Or shut it off if it is a distraction to your sleep.

The auto-shutoff of the humidifier improves its security measures as it automatically shuts off. Especially when the tank is lifted or when water levels run low.

Note that the tip card in the base should always be removed before first use.

The humidifier has reliable remote control services. As a result, it prevents the user from uncomfortable sleep in order to make adjustments to the already made settings.

You can just set your humidifier 1-12 hour running timer in order to prevent worries during sleep.

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VicTsing 2L Cool Mist Filterless Humidifier

The most significant advantage related to this humidifier is the experience of a peaceful night as it runs at a lower level of about 28 decibels.

VicTsing 2L Cool Mist filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

This favors the regular running of your programs as it was before the introduction of VicTsing humidifier, as it quietly humidifies without tampering with your routine in any way.

The VicTsing 2L has the auto-shut and a red Led light that goes on in case of reduction of water in the water tank to the base level.

The no-filter humidifier has an enlarged opening that makes it easy to refill the tank.

The humidifier also provides an excellent grip that helps when cleaning – easy cleaning.

The VicTsing has a standard dial knob that works very well to make sure that the mist output wanted by the user to maintain the humidity in their room, bedrooms, and other specific types of areas is reached effortlessly without strain.

The 3600 rotating nozzle ensures that there is an equal and well distribution of humidity in the room.

VicTsing 2L Cool Mist No filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

It has a 450 sloping outlet, which makes sure that the mist is given out continuously.

With the availability of 0.52-gallon tank which is a rough estimate of 2L, the VicTsing humidifier renders an unstoppable work rate of 12-24 hours of humidifying.

This helps much in reducing struggles during breathing. It also reduces the rate of snoring and prevents dryness of the skin so as to maintain good health.

The VicTsing 2L has a knob mist control that controls the amount of mist produced. Thus empowering the availability of a pleasingly crisp night.

The humidifier also works very well preventing and relieving cold asthma cough, which is one of the greatest threats to human health.

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Everlasting Comfort No Filter Humidifier

This is a cool-mist no filter humidifier with a tank of 1.6 gallons. It is approximately 6L thus it covers a large room. Further, this offers a large mist output which works with rooms of around 500 sq. feet.

Everlasting Comfort No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

The humidifier runs up to 50 straight hours.

It has a built-in oil diffuser which has a platter where you can complement your preferred essential oils.

The vaporizer, therefore, disintegrates the oils and disseminates them into mist thereby providing a sweet, clean, and perfect smell of aroma that you would wish to feel.

This is perfect for infants, children, sitting room, nursery, personal office, dormitory rooms, and bedroom.

The everlasting humidifier also reduces viruses and bacteria. Because it has a 360-degree outlet and an output knob, which is fully adjustable to any point.

You can take charge of the humidity of your room by adjusting the knob. Since it is adjustable to lower the risk of germs and illnesses by maintaining an average humidity flow of about 43%.

43% humidity helps in reducing allergies and coughs. Thus, it will give one a peaceful and quiet night. In addition, it also has a blue LED nightlight that you can put off if it interferes with your sleep.

Everlasting Comfort No Filter Humidifier  Helps with Preventing Colds
courtesy of brand

The humidifier has an auto-shutoff, which automatically turns off when there is an insufficient amount of water in the tank.

It will be of importance as it prevents the unit from any internal or external damage.

A good number of ultrasonic humidifiers come with filters that automatically need replacement and maintenance.

However, it is not cost-friendly and demanding to the user. It also eliminates the use of a filter and can be used with regular tap water without encountering any problem.

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Vicks V4600 No Filter Humidifier

This is a filter-free compressed and soundless humidifier that does not need filter replacement at any point. Hence it is cost-friendly and easy to maintain.

Vicks humidifier also contains a 1.2-gallon capacity that works continuously for 33 hours while giving comforting mist nonstop.

Its quietness makes it fit for use in places such as bedrooms or baby nurseries that do not require noise at any point.

Vicks V4600  Filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

Many find it essential for the humidifiers in their rooms as they emit moisture to the air. Hence making it excellent for sleeping rooms. That is the case as they give cool moisture to the dry air that is a vital part of a sound sleep.

It is best in critical times, such as the allergy season, when the air is dry, or when one is sick.

When one has a cough, its difficult for one to have a peaceful sleep throughout the night. But the use of humidifiers, vaporizers, and steam inhalers gives a sweet liberation from coughing. Thus, this would prevent one from the persistent causes of coughing hysterics.

The Vicks humidifier gives relief from coughs caused by allergies and congestion. Thus, one may stay focused and be comfortable at any point that they are.

Vicks uses ultrasonic technology to silently discharge cool mist. Thus, it returns crucial moisture into the air that prevents discomfort in the general dry air.

Tank opening provides an easy way of filling and also an easy time for cleaning purposes.

The auto shut-off of the humidifier makes it secure as this happens each time the water reaches the minimum point.

Vicks also has an adjustable mist control for modified and desired output.

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PureGuardian H965 Filterless Humidifer

The PureGuardian ultrasonic is a cool-mist no filter humidifier as it protects homes from the invasion of dry air. Hence making it efficient for those with allergies, dry skin, and those affected by cold.

The humidifier takes up to approximately 320 sq. feet rooms and has a 1-gallon capacity.

PureGuardian H965 No Filter Humidifer
courtesy of brand

The humidifier runs for about 70 hours continuously while emitting moisture to the air.

The humidifier has an upper hand in cleanliness and maintenance as it possesses a silver clean, protected tank covered by silver protection.

The latter is a great enemy towards the growth of slimy mould and mildew.

It has an aromatherapy tray that helps one have an aroma of their own wish. Because this tray has an allowance for one to mix their favorite oil as it atomizes to provide the best aroma needed by the user.

This creates a relaxing environment for the user as it optimizes their comfort following a fresh, comforting cool mist.

PureGuardian H965 No Filter Humidifer
courtesy of brand

The tabletop of the humidifier has a low water light indicator. Thus, the user knows when to refill the tank as it will glow.

It additionally has a night light that has an optional mechanism to switch it on or off. And this is mostly enjoyed by the kids and can, therefore, be most suitable in their rooms.

There being a multi-directional mist, it gives an automatic shut-off when the tank is empty, and this is of paramount importance to the safety of the user.

The humidifier can also be used as it only has three-speed settings. Which can be managed by anyone during its working times.

The humidifier ideally works for small-sized rooms. Its runtime is also based on running the unit on low speed and the atmospheric conditions.

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MistAire XL No Filter Humidifier

The ultrasonic cool mist technology has a long-term liberation as it securely conditions the air for about 10 to 24 hours in an unstoppable action which ideally means that the humidifier works continuously on the mist settings applied to the humidifier.

This gives a beautiful breath all through and a more relaxing sleep all night long.

courtesy of brand

The humidifier has a large tank of 1-gallon water tank capacity. Thus giving a very powerful stream for the large bedrooms, sitting rooms, and other bigger rooms of about 500 square feet.

The humidifier has an optional blue, red, and green night light that offers comfortable lighting for supreme slackening and cooling in the dark.

The humidifier has an automatic shut-off that securely turns off the humidifier when the water level is low.

The product also has a 5-year warranty.

It works perfectly with an efficiently adjustable mist volume, and this is for adjusting the colors for pleasure.

MistAire XL Filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

This humidifier is easier to clean, thus helps to save time.

The humidifier also works quietly to facilitates a sweet sleep to users with long-lasting scents that create a soothing mood.

This humidifier soothes any space due to the excellent flowing of a lovely scent. This is suitable for good health.

It also works soothingly silent hence controls pet and animal odors.

The humidifier has a dial option for simple settings that can be handled by anyone for its workings. It also has a nicely made humidifying unit for the excellent maintenance of moisturized air all through.

MistAire XL No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand
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Vornado Ultra3 Filterless Humidifier

The use of the Vornado Ultra3 no filter humidifier is an exclusive and efficient way of making your place comfortable and nicely humidified.

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The humidifier has a complete unit that contains blades inside to take in vast amounts of dry air. Thus, saving people by using its signature Vortex Action. This in turn circulates the humidified air through the whole room.

The Ultra3 has a dependent humidistat to automatically standardize moisture productivity. The latter can run continuously for maximum humidity production.

The humidifier is accompanied by push-button controls with LED lights. This gives a natural upper hand for the device setting before or during its workings without messing with the device.

Thus, it can also be operated by children easily because of the accessible settings in place.

courtesy of brand

The mode that is mostly used for efficiency is the auto mode as the fan, and the ultrasonic transducer will automatically adjust to make sure that the set humidity level is maintained at all times.

The humidifier has an included mineral cartridge that makes sure that there is no mineral buildup.

The humidifier has a 1-gallon capacity and up to 2-gallon capacity output every 24 hours.

The ultra3 humidifier has a 5 year warranty.

This humidifier is suitable for many of those suffering from allergies and asthmatic-related problems.

It also works efficiently with the group of people who want to take care of the woodwork in their homes during the summer.

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Vicks VUL520P No Filter Humidifier

The Vicks VUL520P is a humidifier that really favours all kinds of users as it does not require any filter for replacement.

It is cost-friendly and can be used by anyone no matter the class. Further, it uses a half translucent gallon tank, which allows easy and faster way to easily monitor water levels.

Vicks VUL520P Filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

The gallon also gives up to approximately 20 hours of comfortability mist. It is relatively small but great for one’s bedroom or a baby’s nursery.

The Vicks humidifier works in a peaceful state, which will favor comfortable sleep.

How Vicks VUL520P Works

The Vicks humidifier helps to increase super cool moisture into the vicinity by maneuvering dry air.

Many adults have come to realize that a humidifier is an essential and efficient product during sleep as it enhances a refreshing sleep. Especially when the air is dry or in an allergenic season and when one is sick.

When one has a cold be it an adult or a kid, it is always a challenging time. Because one will not sleep uninterrupted.

Vicks VUL520P No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

Nevertheless, humidifiers and vaporizers have provided temporary relief from the congestion caused by coughing.

These humidifiers work efficiently to prevent coughing which fits in order to have a peaceful rest all night.

The VICKS humidifier helps you to easily have proper breathtaking and an easy one from any point not only in the bedroom. However, they work to offer momentary relief from a cough caused by colds or allergies.

The humidifier makes it more comfortable to use as it contains an auto shut-off.

The humidifier is perfect for a small-sized room for easy and variable control leading to a dynamic output.

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Elechomes UC5501 Filterless Humidifier

The Elechomes cold and warm mist no filter humidifier is the best kind that one would wish for his or her home as this humidifier is accompanied by a 6L gallon tank.

Elechomes UC5501 No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

It has dual 3600 rotatable nozzles which work efficiently to maintain the humidity of about 750 sq. ft. considering the fact that it has only 1 tank, but it lasts for up to 40 hours of continuous usage.

The Elechomes has the advantage of possessing the state-of-the-art humidity sensor, which automatically detects the humidity of the room quickly and correctly. As said before, it is an added advantage. This is because it will give you the exact desired level one has to reach in their humidification.

The humidifier will turn off when the desired level is reached and automatically turn on in case the humidity drops again.

This is a much more comfortable and efficient type of humidifier as it can be run by anyone, no matter the experience of usage.

The humidifier still gives more and exciting moments of usage during sleeping hours, for a soothing and cooling sleep all along.

Elechomes UC5501 Filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

Elechomes UC5501 Filterless Humidifier Features

It offers the cold mist, which improves one’s sleep, while the warm mist mode which is lovely and perfect for providing the extra needed heat in the winter.

It is a filterless humidifier meaning it highly favors anyone who would wish to use it because it is cost-friendly.

Elechomes UC5501 No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

The Elechomes has a remote control and aromatherapy, which are much more efficient as you can operate it with a remote at a convenient distance, and you will be able to set the mist level, the mist temperature, and much more easily using the available options.

The in-built aromatherapy box will make you feel much more soothing as it gives you an allowance to add your favourite essential oils. Subsequently, it atomizes giving you the aroma of your wish to circulate in the air thus taking your relaxation to the next level.

Another more significant advantage linked to this humidifier is the time when one drifts off to sleep mode, the Elechomes humidifier will operate under a crisp and whisper-quiet of around 34dB. Meanwhile, the LED screen will go off which will even make you not to remember that the humidifier is still there.

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PureGuardian H940 No Filter Humidifier

How it Operates

PureGuardian is the H940  Filterless Humidifier
courtesy of brand

The PureGuardian cool mist humidifier is an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier that works to protect against the wrong causes of dry air in the home environment. Thus making it a perfect humidifier to serve those suffering from cold, allergies, and dry skin effects.

PureGuardian H940 No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

The humidifier covers a range of approximately 350 sq. feet. The humidifier also has ultrasonic technology that supplies a comfortable, cool mist to the air. As a result, it makes you sleep comfortably.

The PureGuardian has clean silver protection that works well to prevent the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the water tank. This is a great advantage to many users as it helps maintain the look of their product.

It also covers a total of about 350 sq. ft. that is suitable for small rooms. Because it has a tank capacity of 5 gallons. This provides a continuous run time of 30 hours.

PureGuardian H940 Ultrasonic Cool Mist No Filter Humidifier
courtesy of brand

It also has an optional night light that you can either turn it on or put it off. Thus, you choose what to feel.

The optional night light makes the PureGuardian a suitable humidifier for the kid’s room.

The humidifier has a light indicator to notify the user of the amount of water in the tank.

The humidifier also has a directional mist nozzle, which controls the flow of the mist output.

The auto shut option that the PureGuardian has helps the humidifier to shut of in case of lower volumes of water in the tank. The latter automatically adjusts itself without any physical settings by the user.

It is cost-friendly as it does not have filter replacement or filter cleaning, which saves time and money.

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Most people fail to understand that having good-looking assets in your house is the only way to make a room organized and excellent.

Significantly, it will soothe you during sleep all night.

For instance, many people always do morning cleanings in the house. But they take care of the outlook of the house. However, they do not remember to also maintain the quality of the air surrounding them.

If one has a refreshing and relaxing night, it will possibly dominate during the day by giving them a relaxed mind.

In addition, heating frees you from inertia shocks when one is walking.

Humidifiers not only provide fresh and refreshing air. They also play a significant role in winter. Because they protect floors when the natural airdrops from 10 to about 15%.

It also saves costs during winter while feeling warmer. Therefore, it reduces the loss of money by users that could be used in buying heating devices.

Moisturizers are the unusual ways of maintaining the perfect level of humidity for supreme comfort in your house.

Humidifiers also help you maintain the ultimate level of humidified air in your home. In fact, at a rate of 99%, it will lower the levels of some symptoms such as irritated nose, throat, and eyes.

Despite buying the humidifier, have in mind that like any other machine, they need to be maintained regularly. Failure may, however, lead to more harm than good to your health.

For instance, when dirty, there are high chances to breed dangerous substances such as mold. It may also condense on the walls and surrounding surfaces.

Cleaning and maintenance are critical while choosing a humidifier. As a result, make your decision based on the easy ones to quickly operate and clean.

Size and Type

Coming to the selection of the right humidifier in terms of size and type, it is much more confusing, as many people fail in this part so much that they don’t decide on the kind of humidifier that fits their rooms.

This will create a lot of confusion once they get to the buying store and they are entirely confused on which one to buy.

Therefore, we highly recommend that one should first make their decision while at home before getting to the buying stores. As a result, this will ease their purchasing process.

When it also comes to the size, it also relies on the same option as the type of choice despite the fact that there are plenty of options.

The best action for one to take before purchasing the humidifier is according to the size of your room in terms of square feet.

The output capacity is another essential factor to always consider. Therefore, you need to understand the gallons of moisture given up per day considering the fact that all these appliances are both used for humidification and contain different ways of operation.

Therefore, this means that they all have their advantages and also disadvantages depending on the way of use.

When it comes to size, we have three categories:

1. Tabletop humidifiers

This type of humidifier is highly portable, meaning it can be relocated to a different room due to its lightweight, and the capacity is not that impressive.

2. console humidifiers

This one is large in size as it can even cover the entire house compared to the tabletop. Additionally, they can go up to 3000 sq. feet. Therefore, it ain’t portable though it can be moved.

3. Whole-house humidifier

They are large in size, but they work with the HVAC system to give increased humidity to the whole house. Further, they cover up to 3500 sq feet, but they have the advantage of no refilling as they are connected to your plumbing unit.

Division of humidifiers functionality into three groups

1. Evaporative humidifier

These humidifiers are easy to assemble. Along with that, they have a wick filter used to engross water from the tank. Its advantage is that they cub destructive elements and portions in the water before it blows around the room.

2. Impeller humidifier

It is somewhat advanced in the high-tech attributes of having an exceptional spinning disc that works to direct the movement of water towards a screen. But it is not a filter, and the screen only breaks the water down into precipitations.

3. Ultrasonic humidifier

This is much cooler as its unit exploits the sensations to form water droplets, which are accomplished by the release of high-frequency sound waves incident at a piece of metal, which is a show that it is a quiet type of humidifier.

The most collective capacities of the three portable humidifiers are:

  • 3 gallons
  • 9 gallons
  • 12 gallons

By the capacity, it means the amount that the tank handles in an entire day.

How to optimize the level of a healthy sleep

Change of seasons will automatically lead to a change in the humidity level. For instance, during winter, due to cold, doors and windows should remain closed to maintain some warmth.

Failure to which will cause health-related issues, including the allergenic reactions.

Therefore, too much humidified air really causes an allergic reaction, which elevates the importance of maintaining the right humidity level. On top of that, one should aim at a range of about 30 to 50%, which is optimal.

Advantages of humidifiers

This is just a feature of some of the benefits of humidifiers

  • Dry skin and eyes
  • Humidifiers free one from the dryness of skin, itchy eyes, cracked lips caused by dry air
  • Allergy relief
  • Use of humidifiers will aid one who isolates themselves during the change of seasons. Especially during the unbearable conditions to go through a peaceful transition as it adjusts the air allergens making it more bearable for them.
  • Relieve from cold and flu
  • Increased humidity in the air helps in the elimination of obscure passages, which will, in turn, make one relaxed throughout the night.

Best place of fitting a humidifier

This depends on the size, purpose, and amount of air that needs to be moisturized. After one knows the aspect that is affecting them, it will quickly lead to an idea of where to place the humidifier in the room.


Just like any other machine, humidifiers also need to be maintained at all times to enhance efficiency and avoid unnecessary problems.

One should consider the use of distilled water when choosing the type of water to use as regular water can create buildups in the machine.

Make it a routine to clean the machine weekly.


Many of us have noticed that the air at our homes is quite scratchy to our throats and lungs, which is a clear indication that the humidity level at our home places is not conducive. Therefore, we highly recommend the use of humidifiers.

Not only do we recommend humidifiers but also make an effort to secure yourself or your home through a filterless humidifier. That will actually solve the problem of dry air and congestion in your body.

There are massive advantages of using the filterless humidifier compared to the filtered one. One of the most significant advantages that makes it a highly recommended humidifier is cost-friendliness. As a result, it is an option to many since once bought, you no longer need any further investment to maintain it as it is dependent on the manufacturer.

It also does not require the renewal of filters after maybe a certain period of time. Let’s say 2 months, which is counted as a great opportunity for the users.

Another advantage of this no filter humidifier is having an auto shut off option which is because users do not need to be there to put it off in case of anything. On top of that, it will go off when the water level in the humidifier goes low and no need to be there to put it off.

The night light option in the humidifiers is an excellent provision for the kids in their room as they enjoy colors. Consequently, it is fun for them.

The cool-whispering sound from the humidifier at night makes it suitable for people to sleep peacefully at night without any interruption, which is mostly everyone’s wish at night.

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