BONECO Air O Swiss 7142 Review

The BONECO Humidifier 7142 is a warm or cold mist ultrasonic humidifier with a tower configuration that is highly compact and simple to put anywhere. The gadget is completely automated and has a multifunctional digital display that makes it simple to operate. The humidifier is almost unnoticeable because it works quietly. In addition, it can humidify a space up to 860 square feet.

The BONECO Humidifier 7142 unit also has a ‘Sleep Mode,’ which ensures that it operates quietly at night. Although the device is set to Auto Mode for optimal humidity, it also has a built-in integrated hygrostat that enables you to adjust the levels manually.

Above all, this humidifier kit includes essential water maintenance accessories. These include the Hydro Cell, demineralization cartridge, and EZCal, which render cleaning and maintaining the machine a breeze.

How BONECO Air O Swiss 7142 Works

Boneco provides dual mist, which brings us to the meat of this humidifier. It means you’ll be able to choose between warm and cool moisture. You know how certain hot months can be and how cold others can be, which is why a dual mist humidifier seems like an intelligent thing to have at home.

Any hint of hot indoor air with traces of low humidity and the use of warm mists may help alleviate the feeling of being in a cold environment. Similarly, the cool mist alternative sprays cool chilled air into the air. This environment might be suitable for humidification in children’s rooms because they prefer cool moisture.

Because of the coverage capacity, which may be too practical for smaller rooms, this ultrasonic may not be suitable for small to medium rooms. Nonetheless, the 860 square feet is a well-suited benefit for large rooms with high humidity levels. This appliance will run for 24 hours, thanks to its tall gallon capacity of 3.8 gallons. However, as compared to models with smaller tanks, this means a slower rate of refilling the unit.

BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7142
BONECO Warm or Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier 7142

Furthermore, the convenience of the digital mode of operation is justified because it allows for automatic settings.

Most importantly, you have a digital hygrostat for precise humidity sensing and control in the home. It also comes with three fan speeds. The Boneco 7142 is built to run quietly – the low fan choice is the best speed for a good night’s sleep.

This humidifier will warn you when it’s time to refill the tank and when the unit tank is dirty to clean it for optimum performance. Furthermore, the sleeping mode ensures silent activity. In fact, the appliance’s whisper-quiet operation increases the efficiency of night sleep.

What is ITCTM Technology in BONECO 7142?

ITCTM Technology is a BONECO AOS-7142 Digital Ultrasonic Humidifier (Intelligent Temperature Compensation) function. Automatically adjusts the performance to achieve the most comfortable relative humidity in your room based on the temperature.

Vibrations with high-frequency turn water into a micro-fine mist that quickly dissipates in the air in your room.

Cartridge for demineralization (DMC) – is the demineralization cartridge’s plastic housing treated with a silver (Ag+ Ionic Silver Technology). To extend the filter’s life, this prevents microbial growth on the cartridge’s surface.

The Hydro-Cell between cleanings

The Hydro Cell holds AIR-O-SWISS humidifiers are running at their best. The Hydro Cell with activated carbon technology reduces heavy metals, impurities, odor-causing chemicals, and pesticides.

Even from your household tap water as soon as it comes into contact with water.

Cool or Warm a mist

The ambient temperature is not lowered during cool mist or Hot either. All of this is attributed to a pre-heating feature.

LCD Display with a big screen

It has regulated humidification with a hygrostat and mist production regulator. For instance, it will indicate when the tank is empty and when you need to clean.

Operation in Absolute Silence

The device calculates a comfortable night humidity level and sets the timer to 6 hours. It then activates the warm mist and the ITCTM feature. These temperatures are ideal for sleep.

Set a timer

Set the machine to run for 1 to 8 hours to save electricity.

The water tank

The large, transparent water tank (with the water level visible) is simple to clean and use. The design is to Last a Lifetime for fast mist dispersal into the air. In addition, it has a high-quality, industrial-strength titanium membrane surface.

Characteristics of Air O Swiss 7142

  • 850 square feet
  • Tank capacity: 3.8 gallons
  • The period to run is 24 hours
  • Has Programmable stats
  • Produces warm or cold mist
  • The operation is whisper-silent

Advantages of Air O Swiss 7142

  • It runs silently
  • Humidity management is automatic
  • Accessory for water maintenance
  • Cartridge for demineralization

Drawbacks of of BONECO 7142

  • It is bulky
  • Not recommended to use essential oil
  • You can increase noise by using a high-powered fan

Final Thoughts

Boneco 7142 can be used to add humidity to the air in your house. This system will deliver both cool and warm mist depending on the settings selected. It also provides correct humidity levels for rooms, ensuring that no excess moisture is released, leading to mold development. Finally, it’s simple to keep clean and maintain.