Humidifier on Floor or Nightstand

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Choosing to place your Humidifier on the floor or nightstand in your home can be a daunting task because you have to balance the overall impact.

There are reasons to forego humidifiers in our homes for good. For instance, the case of overusing humidifiers. The latter usually leads to increased levels of condensation that can damage your furniture in extreme cases.

A good alternative for this case would be ultrasonic humidifiers alongside other evaporative humidifiers. These provide an alternative working environment characterized by peace and quietness. With such a gadget, you have no worry placing it in your kid’s room or your bedroom, for that matter.

The beauty of most of these ultrasonic humidifiers is the humidistat that comes with the device. It automatically regulates itself without human intervention. By so doing, it helps avoid too much humidification.

So then, what is the ideal place to position your Humidifier? Should you go for a nightstand or place it on the floor?

Factors to Consider when choosing Humidifier on floor or nightstand?

– The area that is directly below the Humidifier more often gets dump and slippery

– Recommended height

– What is the distance from the ground level against the height of the humidifier

-The place you are considering to place it.

More than often, it is ideal to always place your humidifier at a given level higher from the ground. This is irrespective of the type of Humidifier you are using. An ideal table would be about 2.5-3 feet above the base level.

Whenever you can, do remember always to have an absorbent material below the Humidifier.

Choose Humidifier on Floor or NightStand?

Select a nightstand over placing the Humidifier on the floor to avoid water droplets from dropping on the floor. In most cases, the droplets will evaporate before it hits the ground.

That is not all! The Humidifier is also a victim of water assimilation. In addition, it is highly advisable to have a plastic tray beneath the Humidifier. Or have a towel as an alternative.

The above precautions will protect your nightstand or table from likely damage. Usually, this is from the consistent water droplets over time. Remember that you can use a table as a replacement for the nightstand.

In other extreme cases where the Humidifier is very heavy, you can opt to place it on the floor. This is incredibly quiet when using humidifiers such as the pedestal humidifier or the console ones.

What to consider in choosing the proximity of a humidifier from your bed?

Selecting places with drier air in your bedroom is critical. It will come in handy in choosing an ideal spot to place your Humidifier.  If you find this task hectic or don’t know how to identify it; I would recommend using a hygrometer.

The most demanding section of your room is the ideal place to position your Humidifier.

Also, put into consideration the number of people you have in the room. It is high to get a larger humidifier for a room whose occupant’s size is large.

A standard norm is to place small-sized humidifiers close to your bed to get better results from the gadget. Especially when dealing with cool mist humidifiers. On the other hand, when dealing with large capacities of cool-mist Humidifiers, one corner will function well.

Always place warm mist humidifiers far away from the bed. Because there is always some level of noise when working for most of them. This can interfere with your regular sleep. However, these humidifiers are more ideal for handling allergens and cold weather.

Three familiar places to place Humidifiers: Humidifier on Floor or NightStand ?

Living Room

Most living rooms are usually busy because they are in use more often than the other rooms.  It also covers the largest space, and the choice of where to place your Humidifier should be very strategic.

Besides the precautionary measures we have mentioned prior; also consider avoiding proximity to wooden furniture’s which are highly damaged by increased dampness.

To reiterate, remember to place a towel beneath the Humidifier or have other alternatives like a tray. This will go a long way to guard the surrounding surface.

Improvement in technology has been particularly vital in the development of a humidistat. It makes the entire process of regulating moisture a breeze.

However, do not forget and place your Humidifier near a vent or a register for that matter. Because there is likely to be a rise in the heat of your room, which can cause complications in breathing.

Do it correctly and more people are likely to benefit from having a humidifier in the living room than elsewhere.

Baby’s Room

The baby’s room is one of the most sensitive rooms to mess around with. This is because a minor rise or decrease in air circulation has adverse effects on the baby.

Put in place more precautions when choosing the type and model of humidifiers to fit in your baby’s room. I recommend always using humidifiers for the baby unless you cannot avoid it.

Also, remember to carry out a thorough routine cleaning for the baby’s humidifier. During this process, do not forget to clean the filters. The benefit is to enhance the quality of air circulating in the baby’s room.

Office Space

There are a variety of humidifiers that will do well in an office.  The type you choose will, however, depend on the nature of your office. Is your office always shifting to warrant a portable humidifier?

For the kind of small portable humidifiers, place them closer to your personal space for a more pronounced impact.

However, for large office spaces, you need huge humidifiers. These can cater to the needs of all the occupants of such offices. Such areas usually have dry air. Especially if many members are within a cubicle in an open space office setting.


Take the necessary advisory measures when selecting where to position your Humidifier in your bedroom or home as a whole. The latter determines the air circulation and the safety of personnel in your home.

Also, note the variations in humidifiers. And where they are most suitable to function appropriately with minimal interference to the occupants.

In some cases, manufactures of humidifiers have recommendations on where to place your Humidifier for optimum performance. Simply the best way to suit your home.

Overall, Humidifier on the nightstand wins over Humidifier on the floor.

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