Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat

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Winter can be harsh even from the comfort of your own house due to the chilly, dry air that the season brings. Many homeowners rely on heating their indoor air during the winter without considering humidity levels. Unfortunately, turning up the heat in your home will make your living room feel overwhelming. People often complain of dry/cracked skin, throat pain, respiratory issues, and other symptoms resulting from the cold winter weather.

So, how do you re-establish the balance in your home environment?

The trick is to maintain safe moisture levels in the air by using your humidifier almost every time you use your heater or, better yet, by simply running your humidifier in the colder months.

Winters can be harsh, with record-low temperatures, chilly weather, snowy highways, and blowing snow brought on by the arctic blast. To get relief from the harsh weather outside, most homeowners concentrate on heating the air inside the building. On the other hand, turning up the heat does not entirely solve the issue. The latter is because as the temperature rises, the moisture content remains unchanged. This is attributed to the lack of water vapor added to the air indoors.

Relative humidity

The relative humidity is the amount of water content present in the air that decreases as the air temperature rises while the moisture content stays constant, resulting in warm yet uncomfortably dry air. Because dry air does not hold heat well, it can result in lower heating efficiency. Dehydration, dry, itchy skin that breaks and cracks, throat pain, static shocks, trigger breathing problems like asthma and sinusitis. As a result, it aggravates established allergies with all manner of widespread side effects. Extremely dry air can cause damage to wooden floors, as well as paintings, plants, instruments, and other valuables.

When used in combination with your heating source, a humidifier can help restore humidity levels to a more comfortable level. Humidifiers draw air from the surrounding area, blend it with water vapor from the humidifier’s tank, and then release the moistened air back into the atmosphere.

Using a heater to raise temperatures and a humidifier to increase moisture content keeps the house warm and disease-free.

Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat

Traditionally, you’d need two different appliances (heater and humidifier). In recent years, however, Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat has become available on the market. It, therefore, obviates the need for two separate machines, merging their functions into one, resulting in a cost-effective and energy-efficient product.

Heaters use several methods to produce and disperse heat, and the heater and humidifier combo using one of three variations:

  • Ceramic space heaters and humidifiers rely on an internal ceramic heating device that absorbs and releases heat. If the ideal heater temperature is reached, they may control temperature without wiring or coils, minimizing the possibility of a fire or heat injury.
  • Radiant heaters and humidifiers provide concentrated heat to areas directly in front of the heater. The heating element heats up when passing electricity through it, and heat radiates from it.
  • Heater and humidifier with a fan: Infrared heaters use electromagnetic waves to transmit energy and heat the environment. They run on electricity and can be fitted with a fan to help disperse warm air more efficiently and uniformly in the basement.

Things to think about when buying a Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat


Ensure that the appliance does not consume excessive amounts of electricity, as this would serve the intent. To establish how much wattage it uses, look at the amperage. Before making a purchase, compare the performance of various heater-humidifier combos.

Making considerations based on the size of your space is vital in selecting an appliance that will enable you to save energy. Additional features such as auto shut-off or timers help save energy by turning the system off when not in use.

Good thermostat range

Having a wide range of temperatures helps you find the perfect temperature for your room.

Separate operating functions

Check to see if the heater and humidifier are manageable independently. If you just want to use the humidifier, you can do so without turning on the heater, and vice versa – without running the whole unit and wasting more energy.

Safety features

Because you’re using a heating system, it’s crucial to have safety features in place to avoid fires and accidents. Look for an overheat safety device that will turn the heater off automatically if it detects too much heat. Some heaters with humidifiers and thermostats also have a tip-over safety system, which causes the appliance to shut down if it tips over automatically.


The heating and humidifying properties of the Heater with the Humidifier and Thermostat have a specific range. In general, each square foot of your room needs 10 watts of heating power. It may not be able to provide efficient heating and humidification if it is too thin. To maintain the proper heat and humidity in a room, always check its recommendations for square footage.

The heater-humidifier combo uses a fan to spread heat and moisture across the room, which can cause some noise. It is a good idea to select the option with a minimal amount of noise. That will save you a lot of trouble.

The heater with humidifier and thermostat has water tanks for producing steam, making them easy to clean. Salt and mineral deposits can accumulate within the tank, reducing the appliance’s output. Mold and mildew growth, as well as limescale buildup, is avoidable with regular cleaning.

The Best Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat

Dr Infrared DR-998

Dr Infrared Heater DR998

For optimum comfort and the highest heat transfer rate, the Dr Infrared DR-998 portable infrared space heater has dual heating systems. In addition, it has an infrared quartz tube and ceramic heating components.

The heater has an ultrasonic humidifier built-in that adds moisture to the dry air, uniformly circulated across the room faster by oscillation. You may use the unit heater on its own or in conjunction with the humidifier. Also use it as a fan with or without the humidifier, making it ideal for summer use.

Dr Infrared Heater blends the convenience of convection heating with the energy efficiency of infrared heating, ensuring no heat transfer and providing even heating in your home. As a result, it saves money on your electricity bill. Unlike convection heaters, the device’s cutting-edge technology would not dry out the skin. Dr Heater, according to the manufacturer, produces 60% more heat than other 1500-watt heaters. The cutting-edge 7-inch blower produces high pressure, allowing it to transfer substantial air amounts faster.

How does Dr Infrared DR-998 work?

The Dr Infrared Heater DR998 has an electronic thermostat that goes from 50 to 85 degrees. The auto temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit by default, but this can change at any time. Depending on the internal thermostat, the heater switches from high to low and adjusts the fan automatically.

Instead of a water tank, the Dr Infrared Heater uses a water bottle. The heater humidifier has four heavy-duty caster wheels for easy mobility.

The remote control included with the appliance, allows you to adjust the temperature, turn it off, and even program heater settings without getting up. It also has a 12-hour programmable timer that shuts off automatically when the timer hits the number of hours you set.

The lifetime removable filter on the Dr Infrared Heater DR998 is easy to clean with warm water or a vacuum and replace. Overheat and tip-over security is also inclusive. In addition, there are no exposed heating elements that could cause a fire. Underwriters Laboratories has certified the unit, which comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee (UL).

Advantages of Dr Infrared DR-998

  • Functions of the heater, humidifier, and oscillating fan
  • very cheap to maintain
  • It has a built-in Ultrasonic humidifier
  • It has an oscillation fan responsible for distributing warmth evenly
  • Has an effective dual heating technology
  • It is certified by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Provides maximum comfort with very high rates of heat transfer
  • It is possible to run it as a fan during the summer months
  • It can provide up to 12 hours of a programmable timer

Disadvantages of Dr Infrared DR-998

  • Overheat safety and dual-heating technology
  • The sound is audible

Why Buy: – The Dr Infrared Heater DR998 provides unrivaled heating capability, a healthy design, and energy efficiency while running quietly and effectively, making it an excellent option for your home heating needs.

Dr Infrared Heater DR998

Geek Heat Humidifier-Enabled Portable Electric Heater

Space Heater, Portable Electric Heater with Humidifier Function -Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat

The Geek Heat space heater with a humidifier has a 90° oscillation feature (turn to the right or left side for 45°) that quickly distributes warmth and moisture throughout the wide-angle region. To control the oscillation feature, simply press the button lightly. You can control the heating and humidifier functions independently or simultaneously by just clicking on a button.

The Geek Heat Portable Electric Heater uses the PTC ceramic heating technology to heat the ambient cold air in just 3 seconds. The electric heater’s design with intelligent cooling, keeping it running for about 30 seconds after turning it off to dissipate the accumulated heat, extend machine life, and ensure protection.

The humidifying and heating systems are separated by an individual water tank in the Geek Heat Portable Electric Heater. The self-contained water tank holds 200 mL of water and can mist for up to 6 hours. It’s also simple to refill and clean. The system has overheat and tip-over security. It also has an intelligent cooling system and an auto shut-off feature that will switch off the heating mode after 8 hours of continuous use. In addition, it also considers the humidifying mode after 5.5 hours of continuous use, reducing potential danger and extending machine longevity. An ETL certification is also available for the unit.

Geek Heat is a three-in-one multifunction heater that is lightweight and compact, measuring inches and weighing just 2.8 pounds. It also takes up very little room.

Advantages of Geek Heat Humidifier-Enabled Portable Electric Heater

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Heating and oscillation work with a large capacity
  • Quiet Operation
  • Has a detachable water tank
  • It is safe to use
  • It is simple to clean and refill
  • Has multiple uses
  • It has a 90 degrees Oscillation capability
  • Has over-heat protection
  • Made of fire-resistant materials
  • It has an intelligent system for cooling
  • The device has an inbuilt auto-shutoff
  • It has an elegant design to fit any scenery

Disadvantages of Geek Heat Humidifier-Enabled Portable Electric Heater

  • The top panel has a touch button that children can move

Why Purchase: Look no further if you’re looking for an intimate, compact, cost-effective, and secure heater. The Geek Heat Portable Electric Heater meets all of the requirements.

It’s available on Amazon!!!!!

Four Seasons FS200 4in1 Air Purifier, Heater, Fan, and Humidifier by Envion by Boneco

Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat - Four Seasons FS200 4in1

The Boneco Envion – Four Seasons FS200 is a one-of-a-kind product system that incorporates a heater, humidifier, fan, and air purifier into one compact unit.

The Envion Four Seasons FS200 has 1500 watts of power and three heat settings to produce balanced, moist heat that can cover medium to large rooms efficiently. Mold, smoke, odor, germs, bacteria, natural allergens, and pet dander are effectively removed from the air by the electric air cleaner’s true HEPA filter.

In the summer, the Envion Four Seasons FS200 has a strong fan running independently of the Heater with a Humidifier and Thermostat to provide a cool breeze. The unit has several functions and settings that simultaneously optimize temperature and humidity levels easily. In one hour, the electric cleaner can clean the air in medium to large rooms three times. A one-year limited manufacturer warranty is part of the unit.

Advantages of Four Seasons FS200 4in1

  • Instructions are easy to follow-through and understand
  • There are numerous fan and heating options available
  • At the lowest setting, it’s relatively quiet

Disadvantages of Four Seasons FS200 4in1

  • Construction efficiency is questionable
  • Filling the water container is a pain
  • Water dripping was a complaint from some users
  • Water bottle has a small size

Why Purchase: The Envion FS200 Four Seasons Air Purifier is an all-in-one solution for cooling, heating, and humidifying your home. The appliance can have some issues because it combines so many functions into one body; however, it is powerful and inexpensive. It saves you the trouble of purchasing several devices. This system is worth considering if you don’t need advanced heating, humidification, or air purification.

It’s available on Amazon.

PureHeat 3-in-1 Heater/ Purifier/ Humidifier (PureHeat 3-in-1 Heater/ Purifier/ Humidifier)

Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat -PureHeat 3-in-1

The PureHeat 3-in-1 is a high-quality device that combines effective heating, air purification, and humidification. The system uses advanced Infrared Positive Thermal Coefficient (PTC) heating technology to heat quickly, save energy, and provide more consistent warmth from floor to ceiling.

The system employs photocatalytic oxidation technology to effectively purify your home’s air by destroying mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors in the air and surfaces. There is a built-in humidifier responsible for the addition of moisture to space, making it super comfortable.

The PureHeat 3-in-1 has a safe-to-touch grille, a maximum internal temperature of 250°F, automatic overheat safety, and tip-over protection, and can heal, purify, and humidify an area up to 1000 sq. ft. The unit has a maximum power rating of 1500 watts and a maximum heat output of 5200 BTU. The PureHeat 3-in-1 has a temperature regulation range of 60-90°F and a washable filter that lasts a lifetime.

The PureHeat 3-in-1 comes with a handy remote, an easy-to-read LCD temperature monitor, and a 12-hour on/off timer. Intertek has provided the computer ETL certification for the United States and Canada. The PureHeat 3-in-1 has a decibel level of 21 to 54 dB, depending on fan speed. The unit is has a three-year limited warranty, while the PTC Triple heating element is for life.

Advantages PureHeat 3-in-1 Heater

  • Heating, air purification, and humidification works effectively
  • It’s easy to unpack and set up
  • Quiet Operation

Disadvantages of PureHeat 3-in-1 Heater

  • A little pricey
  • Calibration problems plagued some users

Why Purchase: If you need a heater and a humidifier, the PureHeat 3-in-1 heater is just what you need, with a bonus of an air purifier. The device produces a significant amount of heat and is highly portable. The instructions are simple to follow, and changing your settings with the remote is simple and fast.

It is available on Amazon!!!

Wiland 1500W Humidifier Space Heater

Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat- Space Heater,1500W Ceramic Space Heater With Humidifier Portable Oscillating Electric Heater 2 Mode With Thermostat

Wiland 1500W Space Heater with Humidifier uses PTC heating technology to heat up quickly in just 3 seconds. PTC heating technology ensures a quicker and higher electric heat conversion rate, which heats without a flame or oxygen, resulting in consistent and energy-efficient heating.

Wiland 1500W Space Heater has two heating modes: 750-watt heating with an operational range of 86-104°F and 1500-watt, more powerful heating with an operational range of 104-122°F. By pivoting horizontally and continuously with adjustable fan blades, the heater uses 90° oscillation to heat the entire room more effectively. The space heater heats a 216 square foot room in about 10 minutes using quick heating.

Wiland 1500W Space Heater has a special humidifying spray that keeps the air at the ideal humidity level. The unit comes with a one-liter water tank that can provide humidification for up to 6 hours. This product has an anti-dump switch built-in, which turns off the power automatically. The operation of the digital panel is straightforward. In addition, it includes a timer and heat settings. You may use the timer feature to set a timer from 1 to 12 hours.

The no-noise architecture of the portable multifunction heater creates a relaxed sleeping atmosphere and a concentrated environment. For maximum protection and durability, Wiland heaters are CE, ROHS, FC, and PSE approved. ABS makes up the surface of the san, which is flame-retardant and heat resistant, so there is no chance of burning.

Advantages of Wiland 1500W Humidifier Space Heater

  • Heating with a high quality
  • Made of Materials that are resistant to fire
  • Switch prevents dumps

Disadvantages of Wiland 1500W Humidifier Space Heater

  • Large tank
  • Some users have reported leaking problems.

Why Purchase: The Wiland 1500W Space Heater with Humidifier is a compact and lightweight device with a sleek design, quick and effective heating, two gear positions, and the ability to humidify and rotate when heating. It’s worth thinking about it!

Buyers’ Guide to the Best Space Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat

What are the differences between a humidifier and a heater ?

In addition to your central heating, space heaters can be used as a supplementary heat source during the colder months. When you’re just trying to heat a spot, it can also be used as the primary heat source.

A humidifier is a system that releases moisture into the air to raise the relative humidity in a room.

When tuned to the correct degree, temperature and humidity levels can play an essential role in providing comfort in your home. Manufacturers thought it would be brilliant to combine the heater and humidifier to create the heater-humidifier combo. These units combine the functions of heating and humidification into a single system. They will generally function independently of one another, giving you the versatility, you need.

Convenience: Why Do You Need a Heater-Humidifier Combo Unit?

When homeowners needed warmth and humidity, they had to buy heaters and humidifiers separately in the past, particularly during the winter months. This sometimes results in two clumsy units taking up the precious living room. This is simply not possible in a smaller home or an RV because real estate space is tiny. As a result, most homeowners will prefer one over the other, and the heater will typically win.

When the cold season is over, the issue becomes storage space, and homeowners are often forced to go to great lengths to accommodate these two devices. Homeowners can now reap both devices’ advantages without the inconvenience of room allocation and storage by integrating them into one single unit.

Maintaining the Optimal Humidity in Your Home

A good humidity level provides the most warmth while also being the most beneficial to our wellbeing. While studies and online sources report a wide range of ideal indoor humidity levels, most seem to agree that a comfortable humidity level is between 30% and 70%.

The humidity level drops below 30% in the winter, resulting in poor comfort, direct health effects like dry eyes and skin, and indirect health effects like increased virus survivability and bacteria development.

Using a heater-humidifier combination will help keep the home humidity level checked and prevent the effects described above.

It Avoids the Negative Health Effects of Low Humidity

We appear to suffer from irritation of the eyes, nose, mouth, and skin in very low indoor humidity (dry air). This is due to the surface membrane that protects these areas drying out. Nasal bleeding and eczema are two common symptoms that may occur. We may keep these membranes moist and, therefore, less likely to become irritated by using a heater-humidifier combination.

Low humidity may have even more severe health consequences for our seniors and elders, such as asthma and respiratory problems. As a result, when selecting a space heater for our seniors, heater-humidifier combo systems should be a top priority.

Development of Bacteria and Viruses

While most bacteria prefer moist environments, some bacteria may thrive in dry ones. Mycoplasma pneumonia is one of these bacteria. It’s an infectious infection that can lead to pneumonia and other serious respiratory illnesses. It has been shown in tests that it can live for more extended periods when exposed to low relative humidity levels.

According to current studies, viruses have the highest infectivity and survival when the humidity level is 20% and the lowest when the humidity level is between 40% and 70%.

As a result, using a heater-humidifier combination will minimize the spread of disease caused by bacteria and viruses. A Heater with Humidifier and Thermostat system will help people with asthma and other respiratory conditions during the winter months.

You’re a big fan of hot yoga

Hot yoga is a form of yoga done in hot and humid conditions and results in sweating afterward. While it is commonly performed in the gym, it can also be done in the privacy of your own home. A heater-humidifier combo would be perfect for replicating the heat and humidity conditions because it can provide heat and humidity in one unit.

What to Look for in a Heater-Humidifier Combination Unit

Humidification Timeframe

Heater humidifiers use a water source to provide the moisture needed to humidify the air. A water tank or a water bottle may be used as a source of water. The humidifier will turn off automatically when the water level falls below a certain level to save energy. Consequently, having a big water tank or container is crucial to reducing the number of times you need to refill the water. When planning to use it overnight, this is ideal. Depending on how the water is used, different heaters consume water at different rates, resulting in different humidification times.

Adding Water is Simple

For any form of heater humidifier combination, water must be replenished at the water source. As a result, it’s critical to find a heated humidifier that makes changing the water convenient and straightforward. Look for a heater with an easily accessible water tank or bottle to find one that is simple and comfortable.

Cleaning with Ease

It is a term used to describe how easy it is to clean something. Water tanks are used to produce steam in heater humidifiers. The accumulation of salt and mineral contents in the tank can significantly impact the appliance’s results. Also, the moist and warm conditions are ideal for mold and fungi growth. As a result, routine and thorough cleaning are necessary to avoid the spread of bacteria.

Mold and mildew growth, as well as limescale buildup, can be prevented with regular cleaning. You can save a lot of energy and time using a heater humidifier that is easy to clean.

Operating Distinct Tasks

The ability to operate either the heater or humidifier on its own is critical regarding cost and energy savings. Only one of the two functions is required in some instances, and this feature ensures that you do not waste energy heating or humidifying a humidified space.

How to Pick a Humidifier Heater

Our tips and advice are from experts in the industry, thus providing you with the most up-to-date and reliable knowledge on the best humidifier placement at home.

Most Often Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can a humidifier and a heater be used at the same time?

A: Of course. A humidifier and a heater can be used at the same time. The critical mode of heat delivery for many heaters is fan-powered convection, but this dries out the room’s air. A combined humidifier and heater help avoid the latter. This is ideal for people who have dry skin and eyes.

Q: Can a humidifier make a room warmer?

A: Yes a humidifier can make your room warmer. The colder it feels, the more moisture there is in the air. There is less potential for evaporation from the skin when the air is saturated with moisture. Evaporation is the process by which heat is removed from your body.

Q: Can I run my humidifier on tap water?

A: Yes you can run your humidifier on tap water but this comes with additional cost. We highly advise you to use purified or demineralized water instead of tap water. Minerals build up in tap water will build up in your humidifier and cause it to malfunction. These deposits may then be released as white dust particles into the air.

Is a Humidifier Essential in the Winter?

A: Yes. A humidifier is sometimes essential in the winter. Humidity levels usually drop in the winter, and if your home’s humidity levels drop below 30%, a humidifier is recommended. Humidity levels below 30% can significantly accelerate the growth of viruses and bacteria.

Is it possible for a humidifier to cause mold in the home?

A: Yes. It is possible for a humidifier to cause mold in your home. High humidity is harmful in the same way as low humidity is harmful. Increased fungi and mold growth can occur at levels above 60%. The optimal humidity level for a home is between 40% and 60%.

Low humidity has a lot of harmful effects. You’d be shocked how much fungi can grow given the right conditions. Find out how to naturally dehumidify your home if you’re suffering from humidity. In our guide to reducing home humidity levels, we look at humidification without a dehumidifier!

Q: Can Humidifiers Help With Asthma and Pneumonia?

Yes, indeed humidifiers are helpful with Asthma and Pneumonia. Dry air will aggravate pneumonia and asthma symptoms because the nasal passages become irritated more easily if they are not kept moist. The symptoms of pneumonia and asthma would be relieved if the air was adequately humidified.

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