Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier reviews

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Purchasing a Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier is frequently a tedious undertaking, especially if it’s your first dehumidifier and you are yet to inquire about everything encompassing this sort of gadget. To make the entire process somewhat more straightforward for you, beneath we’ll list a few of the best Danby 60 pint dehumidifiers available.

We’ve likewise created separate reviews on this site for the various sizes and different types of dehumidifiers out there. So, make sure to look at those as well.

If you are thinking about what the numbers identify with when a dehumidifier is portrayed as “60 pints”, the number 60 represents the number of pints of dampness the machine siphons from the air in the range of a 24-hour day.

60 pints are generally 28.4 liters and 7.5 gallons. A 60, 16 ounces dehumidifier is commonly appropriate for a home or a space that is somewhere in the range of 500 and 1000 square feet. This is contingent upon the degree of soaking – the less humidity there is noticeable, the more significant the dehumidifier can cover. Further, a significant 60, 16 ounces dehumidifier can cover in excess of 1000 square feet; however, 500 – 1000 is the perfect general coverage for these dehumidifiers.

Product Listing Table for Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier

Image Product Name Details   Price
41C-jmWS0EL ​GARRISON 60 Pint Dehumidifier Dimensions:10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches
Weight: 17 pounds
Manufacturer: Garrison
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61bBQhXU21L._AC_SL1500_ Danby 60 pint Dehumidifier (DDR060BDWDB) Loading Capacity 60 Pints Shipping Weight22.40kg49.38lb
Width40.96 cm16 2/16″ Depth30.00 cm11 13/16″ Height61.60 cm24 4/16″
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81wHuW6Bs-L._AC_SL1500_ Whynter 60 Pint Dehumidifier Size: 60-pint
Auto-restart auto-shutoff
Color: Multicolor
Dimensions: 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches
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31l4PkdcWWL._AC_ ​​Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (DDR60A3GP) 60 U.S. Pint (28.4 Liter) 
2 Fan Speeds
Weight: 43.6 pounds
Dimensions: 12.2 x 15.3 x 23.5 inches
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810OEHQAivL._AC_SL1500_ ​​SPT 60 Pint Dehumidifier Dimensions: 15.3 x 11 x 23.1 inches
Weight: 40 pounds
auto shut-off
60 U.S. pints/24 hrs
Check Price

To the extent these machines’ extra features go, there is a lot of collections to browse through, yet for the most part, a dehumidifier of this capacity is compact and is moderately simple to move around.

You can utilize such a gadget for a storm cellar, an upper room, a carport, or a guest room, or just for your home and living space. The perfect dehumidifier is calm, so you can utilize it in your home without the noise annoying you.

It has a simple to utilize control board, advantageous programmed components like auto restart, auto shutoff, and auto defrost, and it has a few diverse seepage attributes.

Finding the right dehumidifier for your home can be very helpful – it will get rid of all the irritating mold, buildup, and green growth noticeable all around.

It will also remove every single horrendous scent and whatever other issues that accompany elevated levels of dampness and mugginess in the air.

GARRISON 60 Pint Dehumidifier

GARRISON ​kicks off our rundown with its 1028312-dehumidifier model. It has an electronic control board with a computerized display and a lot of helpful highlights.

GARRISON 60 Pint Dehumidifier
courtesy of brand

The water is forcefully expelled from the front with its side handles.

The dehumidifier has two different working levels – Normal and Turbo. It additionally has two waste alternatives, notwithstanding the water pail – a gravity filter section and a nonstop seepage gadget.

It works consummately at temperatures as low as 41°F and has an auto-defrost feature when the inner curl gets frosted.

The air channel is launderable and reusable, and the 250-hour filter check will ensure that you take it and wash it when required to do as such.

Also, with its element of 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches in dimension and lightweight, this Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier is uncommonly agreeable and straightforward to acquire.

The GARRISON 60 Pint Dehumidifier is a commendable victor of this review and comparison. Whilst not the calmest model in its group, its lightweight design, and convenience while additionally being useful leads it to triumph.

outstanding features:

  • It is exceptionally a lightweight plan.
  • The water pail is exceptionally simple to utilize and evacuate.
  • Has 2 extra seepage choices to supplement the water pail.
  • Not as calm as different dehumidifiers of a similar class.
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Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (model: DDR060BDWDB)

Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier additionally shows up on our rundown with not one but rather two extraordinary 60, 16 ounces dehumidifiers!

Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (model: DDR060BDWDB)
courtesy of brand

The first is this DDR060BDWDB model granted with a merited Energy Star rating.

As a ground-breaking 60, 16 ounces dehumidifier, it can effectively work in rooms of up to 4,000 square feet, depending on the degree of humidity of the air.

The dehumidifier additionally has a 24 hour on/off the clock and auto-shutoff capability. In addition, the water basin itself has a volume of 12.7 pints, and there is additionally a pointer light for when it’s practically full.

The DDR060BDWDB likewise has a fan with two levels of activity and is completely fit for working at temperatures as low as 41°F. Further, its astounding auto defrost work make it extraordinary for cellars extra rooms, upper rooms, or carports.

With its four inherent caster haggles of 11.8 x 16.1 x 24.2 inches and weight of 40.3 pounds, this Danby 60-pint dehumidifier is additionally very simple to move.

Our main challenge for this model is the limited water tank, which will require emptying every now and again.

Features of Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (model: DDR060BDWDB)

60 U.S. half a quart (28.4 liters) limit per 24 hours

Covers up to 4,000 sq. ft. though the prevailing conditions will play a role.

Power Star compliant

Earth agreeable R410A refrigerant

Dehumidify work: The unit will naturally control room stickiness by finding the surrounding temperature

Electronic controls

2 Fan speeds (High/Low)

Low-temperature feature permits the device to keep on working at temperatures as low as 5ºC (41ºF).

Auto Restart: unit consequently restarts after a power disruption.

Auto de-icer prevents ice development.

Direct filters included takes into account persistent activity.

Reusable, launderable air filters.

4 castors for simple space to room transport.

Here are some extra advantages and disadvantages of the Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier:

  • Quiet activity
  • Double speed fans
  • Extremely simple to work and keep up
  • The water container is smaller than a portion of different models of this class
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Whynter 60 Pint Dehumidifier

Whynter 60 Pint Dehumidifier
courtesy of brand

Another incredible option is this versatile Whynter 60, 16 ounces model.

It has a 14.5 16 ounces removable water can, just as an auto-shutoff alternative when the container is full.

With measurements of 10.8 x 15.4 x 23.2 inches, a complete load of 39.7 pounds, and an agreeable handle and caster wheels, it is effectively convenient.

It likewise works consummately at temperatures as low as 40°F, which makes it ideal for carports, cellars, upper rooms, and extra rooms. It’s fit to work at moistness levels of 35 – 80%.

It likewise has a considerable amount of other extraordinary features, for example, an auto-restart and auto defrost capacities, a double fan speed, and electronic controls.

What’s most likely best is that it works at a noise level below 55 dBA. The wind current is 320m3/h/188 CFM, and the most powerful rate of utilization is 680W/4.9A.

It additionally utilizes a 2 out of 1 silver-covered launderable pre-channel combo.

With every one of these features, it shouldn’t be a shock for anybody that this Whynter dehumidifier has an Energy Star rating.

Whynter 60 Pint Dehumidifier features

  • Calm activity
  • features a double speed fan
  • Has an R410A, 20″ channel hose for constant/gravity filter
  • The store is difficult to clean and can be precarious to sit level
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Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (model: DDR60A3GP)

The second Danby section in our rundown is this Power Star granted DDR60A3GP dehumidifier.

It utilizes the standard for the brand naturally inviting R410A refrigerant and contains each component that you would need or anticipate from a great dehumidifier – an auto-restart feature, auto defrost inclusion, an auto-shutoff component for use when the water holder is full.

The last is likewise a recommendation by a pointer that tells you when this is going to occur.

The auto-restart feature is incredible for keeping the unit’s settings in case of a power blackout, and the defrost shields the dehumidifier from interior harm if ice develops on the curls.

Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier (model: DDR60A3GP)
courtesy of brand

The air channel is removable and straightforward to clean, and the dehumidifier is ground-breaking enough to adequately cover rooms of up to 4,000 square feet.

With measurements of 12.2 x 15.3 x 23.5 inches and a load of 43.65 pounds, this dehumidifier is higher than most comparable units. However, it is still effectively versatile.

Likewise, it has two extra waste choices together with the water can – a 7 feet in length lightweight plastic hose and a programmed siphon seepage included.

Advantages of the Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier

  • Has 2 extra waste choices to supplement the water can
  • Includes a hose
  • Calm activity

Disadvantages of Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier

  • Doesn’t shut down naturally when the ideal humidity level is attained
  • The guidance manual isn’t sufficient
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SPT 60 Pint Dehumidifier

We close our review with this SPT model. Another Energy Star champ, the SD-61E dehumidifier is a US-made machine that works somewhere in the range of 35% and 85% of air dampness. It also has augmentations of 5%.

As you would expect of an excellent dehumidifier, it has an auto-shutoff alternative that turns off the machine when its water compartment is full, just as a marker light tells you when this is going to occur.

SPT 60 Pint Dehumidifier
courtesy of brand

Its Memory IC is an incredible auto-restart inclusion that lets the machine keep its unique settings in case of a power blackout.

Besides a water holder, the SD-61E additionally has an endless waste choice through a depleting hose outlet. Be that as it may, the hose itself isn’t sold with the dehumidifier – you’ll need to buy it independently or utilize an appropriate nursery hose.

This isn’t quite a bit of a disadvantage, since it’s standard practice with practically all dehumidifier models. In addition, a portion of its numerous different features incorporates 2 fan speeds – Normal and Turbo, just as a launderable air channel.

Its measurements are 15.3 x 11 x 23.1 inches, and it weighs 40 pounds. This, notwithstanding the agreeable casters, make this model very simple to move and work with.

The SPT 60 Pint Dehumidifier finds itself at the base of our pack as it does not have the convenience of different models reviewed. So, you could do a lot worse than SPT. However, think about this model if cost is your concern.

Features of SPT 60 Pint Dehumidifier

  • Calm activity
  • The control board is straightforward and simple to utilize
  • The guidance manual isn’t deciphered all around as desired
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Buying Guide for Danby 60 Pint Humidifier

Dehumidifier features to look for include:

Simple Empty Bucket/Tank

There are two fundamental classes for how dampness removal is taken care of; with a basin/tank, or with a waste hose.

A few models offer the two strategies for dampness expulsion. For those that have a pail or tank, it is significant that the holder is not difficult to evacuate and discharge.

Search for models that have built-in simple handles, forms, and clicking locks, so you can safely evacuate it and know when it is appropriately set up.

Waste Hose

Instead of depending on a holder to gather the dampness in, some dehumidifiers utilize a waste hose with or without a siphon.

The models that have a hose are perfect for cellars, or whatever other spot, that has as a story channel.

When there is a filter accessible, a seepage siphon would be required to permit the hose to be hung outside a window or into a sink channel that is over the unit.

Preferably, you would need to search for what will suit your necessities with respect to where the dehumidifier is to be utilized. For a definitive proportion of adaptability, search for models that have both a supply and a hose.

Programmed Shutoff When Full

For models that utilize an interior compartment to store the dampness after collection, a sensor that distinguishes when the compartment is close to full and consequently closes off the unit is priceless.

This is particularly valid for times where a dehumidifier is left to run without supervision for an extended period.

Continuously ensure any model you consider buying has a programmed sensor or some other idiot-proof strategies for stopping overflowing.

Ice Detection-Shutoff

Like identifying when it’s full, ice identification sensors register when the loops in the unit amass ice and close off the machine.

The purpose behind this is provided when there is ice framing on the curls; at that point, it won’t attract dampness, and running it now would be economical.

Not all models incorporate ice recognition, so make sure to search for it, particularly in the event that you live in more relaxed atmospheres or plan to utilize the unit in a chilly region.

Programmed Restart

Another element that is about as regular as a shutoff sensor is a framework to naturally restart the dehumidifier if there is a power disruption. For instance, short power blackouts, for example, glints will make most electronic gadgets basically shut off and remain so.

Having a model with a programmed restart is very essential. It is excellent for running a dehumidifier that will be utilized in zones that won’t be continually regulated, or on the off chance that you happen to leave on an extended get-away.


Not standard on all models, however one of the most advantageous and power sparing features to search for is a clock.

As the name suggests, having a clock as a dehumidifier can permit you to set it to run for a set timeframe. In addition, a few models have increasingly complex clocks that can be utilized to set up an everyday plan for running.

For the individuals who like to have the option to set and overlook, clocks are a significant component to search for.

Simple to Use Controls

There are two fundamental kinds of controls; advanced and standard.

Electronic control boards will, in general, take into consideration increasingly specific settings, for example, directing what level of dampness ought to be left in the territory, or at what level of dampness the gadget should begin working.

With essential control boards, there are common dials and foreordained settings, for example, “ordinary,” “dry,” and “exceptionally dry.”

A basic on/off component is something that not all models have, yet that you might need to search for. By and large, for convenience, it doesn’t make a difference so much which style is utilized. Simply search for one that is obviously named and has the settings you need.

Launderable Filter

Pretty much all dehumidifiers will have a filter to help lessen particulate development inside the gadget.

Regularly, it is found merely behind the admission flame broil, as it serves to remove the collection of residue and garbage inside the machine.

The ideal sort of channel for the dehumidifiers is a launderable electrostatic channel. So, you need to ensure that the dehumidifier you buy has a launderable channel in that it will decrease upkeep costs.

While a few models utilize dispensable filters, even launderable ones should be totally replaced about once every year.


There are ordinarily three sizes for dehumidifiers; little, medium, and huge.

Small models are intended for under counters, storage rooms, or two restrooms. On the other hand, medium-sized models are intended to sit on counters or floors and can be contrasted with smaller models because they are so natural to move.

Enormous models, which are mainly used in storm cellars, upper rooms, and different rooms of a home or office, can be exceptionally unwieldy to move.

Contingent upon the size, and all the more critically, the weight of the dehumidifier, wheels, or castors is a need.

For all sizes, handles are viewed as discretionary, yet can be incredibly advantageous. Any component that can make it simpler to move, or change its position once set, has a significant feature that is regularly disregarded.

Best Dehumidifier Brands


Regularly when buyers search for another machine, they hope to see names they know about.

Frigidaire has been producing quality home machines for ages, and they have become known for setting the bar for quality, worth, and features.

As far as dehumidifiers, they are the organization that delivers a few models – a large number of which rank at the top of the rundowns for consumer loyalty and functioning.

They are most famous for being stuffed with features and being legit.

Purchasing fresh-out-of-the-box new additions imply they are secured under different warranties from Frigidaire.


Generally new, in contrast with different organizations on the rundown. However, NewAir stands firm in their organization’s adage to create quality items.

They just have a solitary model of the dehumidifier. However, what they need is an assortment without a doubt that is within the features.

The AD-250 from NewAir is a minimized and versatile dehumidifier. Yet it isn’t one to leave because of size alone. It can also work with both nonstop waste or removable tank assortment.

The adaptability and execution greatness is the thing that differentiates this model, and other brands, on numerous buyers who evaluated the product.

Solace Aire

As an organization that represents considerable authority in warming and cooling machines, Comfort-Aire has built up a notoriety for being a top-quality organization.

They will probably help homes have an agreeable domain as would be prudent. They also have a line of six distinctive dehumidifiers that can cover everything from a small region to large storm cellar regions.

Notwithstanding size, every one of them can work at temperatures as low as 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides the comprehensive protection from cold, trademarks of the brand, remember smooth structure and adaptability for respect to utilizing the implicit tanks or hoses for waste.


Dehumidifiers and dehumidifying items are some of the products by Eva-Dry produces, and they produce them very well.

Their line of minimized and huge dehumidifiers are exceptionally recommended and grant-winning.

Critical parts to their structure incorporate their conservativeness and versatility. For anybody with constrained space, Eva-Dry is a brand to consider.

Their central dehumidifier is accessible in medium and modest sizes, while their bigger model covering a region of up to 4,000 square feet in size.


With a line of dehumidifiers that features eighteen unique models, Danby offers small to massive capacity units at varied costs.

By significant rankings and examination records, it isn’t unprecedented to see at least one Danby model at any rate. In addition, they keep an elevated expectation with respect to their functioning, strength, and appearance.

While not ostentatious, they do try to keep their items as minimal and in vogue as one can with such a gadget.


Keeping things necessary and useful, Friedrich dehumidifiers can be portrayed as a single component pressed dehumidifier that is accessible in three different sizes.

They are not the least expensive, yet additionally, they are not the most costly.

The smooth structure and modest appearance house their trademark assortment of top-notch features, which incorporates things like seepage hose and siphon framework, with the discretionary store, and complex yet simple to utilize controls.


An organization whose dehumidifier is regularly contrasted with Frigidaire’s models, Keystone creates a solitary model that is a high caliber and a sincerely valued model.

It has a limit with respect to covering more prominent regions and comes with a few features that are famous for perfect quality models. These incorporate programmed defrosting and launderable residue filters, casters for simplicity of development, and a power star rating.

Highlights of Professional and Commercial Dehumidifiers

Programmed Defrost

If a dehumidifier freezes over, the unit will not be able to consolidate the moistness from the air. While sensors that shut off the gadget are genuinely regular, programmed defrosting frameworks are definitely not.

The regular solution is to just let it defrost gradually after some time. In addition, for the individuals, a unit with a programmed defrost would work best.

It is regularly found in better quality models such as Friedrich and Frigidaire.

Channel Cleanliness Indicator

Most humidifiers need week after week to a month-to-month upkeep, contingent upon the extent of their utilization. This includes cleaning the filter, storage, and hose in the event that they have one.

Models that have a filter marker can be very useful for those that have busy schedules and disregard tasks now and then.

Pointers are quite often remembered for outstanding quality models. However, they can likewise be found on all-size dehumidifiers.

Much like repository markers, filter tidiness pointers are frequently introduced as alert lights that are now and again joined by a sound.

Repository alert

Repository cautions are regular features on a wide range of brands, paying little heed to the model’s size.

The purpose behind this is straightforward, regardless of whether they have an auto-shutoff framework when the supply is close to its ability, or without causing it to notice this reality. Individuals may not understand there is an issue.

The alarm is regularly something as straightforward as a steady or blazing light, which can be joined by some noise.

Regarding extraordinary features, for lower-valued models, it might be something that requires delving into more.

Indoor regulator display

While numerous mid-ranges to perfect quality dehumidifiers have worked in indoor regulators, not all will have a display for the data.

It is frequently viewed as pointless and extravagant to have. Some would contend that it encourages mortgage holders to all the more likely track the natural conditions.

Regardless of which perspective is upheld, to locate a model with a thermostatic display, you would need to search for the more expensive brands.

Try searching for Friedrich, Frigidaire, or Haier higher capacity models to find indoor regulator display units.

Energy Star

Power Star is close to all around perceived rating for power proficiency. Few out of all odds make and mode of the dehumidifier. It is great to have a high Energy Star qualification.

If there is an incredible, reliable need to utilize a Danby 60-pint dehumidifier, then, it merits the time and exertion to find a power star-appraised model.

While it might sound somewhat overwhelming, you can have confidence that every dehumidifier that makes a top position will probably be a power star, and in this way is more productive and practical.

Different speed intake fan

Dehumidifiers work by pulling in air, gathering the dampness from it, and ousting the drier air. The fan on numerous models runs at a single speed.

Numerous speed fans have the benefit of cycling the air all the more rapidly at the expense of power for times where we need serious humidification.

The viewing of the component is the standard for specific brands. It is also a symbol for better quality models for other people.

To find a dehumidifier with a variable speed fan, search for expressions, for example, “two speed,” “variable speed,” “numerous speed” on the component.

Dehumidifier Tips

Recognizing Size Classification

Little, Medium, Large, and House-size are essential terms that portray the capacity of a dehumidifier.

On the other hand, manufacturers will allude to models by the limit of the store, or how much water they can get through in a day.

The estimation is available in pints of liters.

A model is a small range whose units ordinarily range between 20 to 25 pints of humidity daily for small spaces. It is similar to half restrooms. House-held units pull 200+ pints daily and can influence up to 3,000 square feet.

Figure out what you need

There is no mischief in utilizing units whose appraisal is a higher area than where it will be set.

To get a thought of how to figure out what size of the unit to search for, consider the area of the region and humidity level. From that point of view, a little (300 sq. ft.) room that is scarcely humid (50-60% dampness), a 30, 16 ounces unit ought to be sufficient.

In the extreme case of the range, a dousing room (85-100% humidity) that is enormous (1,500 sq. ft.) would require any rate like 90, 16 ounces, or higher unit.

Make sure to give them room

A significant viewpoint to appropriately utilize a dehumidifier is that they require the capacity to function properly.Every unit comes with a guide that delineates how to appropriately put it inside a room. As a dependable guideline, ensure there is nothing that will hinder the admission and yield vents.

Some propose leaving a foot leeway around all sides from the dehumidifier. In addition, make sure to take exact estimations of the room it will take to give close consideration to the unit’s measurements.

There is nothing more awful than finding a lot on an excellent quality item, and afterward, not being able to utilize it as a result of a misstep in estimations. For instance, lack of space for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is foam inside the bucket; is this packaging, or the intention is to be there?

It is there intentionally to help determine the water level.

What is the best humidity setting for my Danby 60 Pint Dehumidifier?

We recommend setting your Danby 60 pint dehumidifier to between 40-50%.

What are the standard wattage and amps used?

Information pertaining to standard watts(wattage) and amps can be found on the rating plate located on the back of the unit.

Is the air that comes out of my unit supposed to be hot?

Yes, the air that comes out of your unit is supposed to be hot – usually, this air feels warm.

Why isn’t my unit collecting any water?

There are a couple of reasons why your unit is not collecting water this could be occurring because:

1) There may not be enough humidity in your environment or

2) You need to adjust your settings accordingly if your relative humidity is higher than the ambient humidity.

How often will my unit pump out the water?

How often your unit will pump out water will vary based on the humidity level. Mostly, it will pump out the water when it reaches a certain level.

Does the fan run continuously?

The running of the fan varies based on the model. However, most models have the fan turn off automatically.

Can I put an extension on the drain hose/power cord?

Putting an extension on the drain hose or power cord is not recommended, as the unit is built to operate using the drain hose/power cord provided.

How do I use the timer feature? Does the timer cycle on and off?

Using the timer feature varies by model. However, all dehumidifiers are a one-shot timer. Please refer to the owner’s manual for timer instruction.

How do I correctly hook up my direct drain?

Hooking up your drain directly varies based on the model. With some models, you simply screw the hose onto the outlet on the back of the unit.

With other models, you have to remove the bucket, feed the hose through the back of the unit, and connect to the adaptor above the bucket area, then replace the bucket. In addition, it is essential to look at your control panel.

Some units have a “continuous drain” button on the control panel.

If that is the case for your unit, you must press the button after the hose is in place, or the function will not work. Please refer to the owner’s manual.


Those are our 5 picks for the best 60, 16 ounces dehumidifiers that are available as of now.

Danby 60-pint dehumidifier has an auto-restart feature alongside an automatic mechanism called de-icer responsible for preventing the build-up of ice on the coil.

It also has an accompanying air filter that is not just removable but also exceptionally simple to clean. It can basically cover up to 3600 square feet. The 28.4-liter capacity gadget can last for up to 24 hours before the need to refill. Most people like the energy star compliance. Hope you too like it.

The SPT 60 Pint dehumidifier can handle dampness in the range of 35% up to 85%. It works calmly, and its Memory IC is critical for auto-restart. However, it does not have a variety of models to choose from.

Whynter 60 Pint Dehumidifier is outstanding for its utilization of energy, giving it the energy star rating. You will also love it for its capacity to handle 60 pints of moisture in a single day.

Garrison comes with a unique control panel. Other great features include a 250-hour filter check, a timer working 24/7, continuous drain, a transparent water indicator, and a natural movement process.

On the off chance that we needed to choose one of them, we’d pick the Garrison model for its broad mix of features and astounding lightweight.

If any of the other 4 accommodates your preferences better, in any case, they have our approval as suggestions also!

Pick cautiously!!

Nonetheless – a dehumidifier is something that you need in your home for quite a long time to come!

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