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Adding fundamental oils into your home accomplishes more than making it smell lovely – diffused essential oils can improve your skin, light up your temperament, and improve your general wellbeing. To get the most from your essential oils, it’s critical to get the best cool mist humidifier fundamental oil.

We took a look at 32 distinctive humidifiers for fragrance-based treatment to assist you with finding the best one. Towards the end of that, we arrived at the Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier as our best choice.

It offers an immense 500-square foot coverage on account of 360-degree splash spouts while additionally being tranquil and completely flexible.

What’s more, we discovered five different humidifiers and humidifier essential oil diffusers that we believe merit a more critical look.

Top 6 Cool Mist Humidifier Essential Oil Review 2022

When picking the best humidifier for fundamental oil treatment, we had a lot of interesting points. We restricted our pursuit to cool mist humidifiers and took a look at the area of inclusion and run time for each humidifier. We additionally gave unique consideration to adjustable settings that let you control the power or timing of your treatment.

You’ll examine every one of the six of our top picks in the table beneath, trailed by a point-by-point review of each humidifier.

Our buying guide discloses all that you have to think about concerning essential oil diffusers so as to get the best one for your needs.

At long last, we summarize our three, in general, most loved humidifiers for fragrance-based treatment.

Product Listing of Cool Mist Humidifier Essential Oils

Image Product Details   Price
612GMQ56WKL._AC_SL1500_ Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom Weight:4.25 pounds
Dimensions:15.8 x 13.7 x 8.1 inches
Manufacturer: Everlasting Comfort
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81NDR6JfHzL._AC_SL1500_ LEVOIT Humidifiers for Bedroom Weight: 2.5 lb
Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.7 x 10.2 in
Tank Capacity: 0.63 gal / 2.4 L
Operation: Less than 30dB
Check Price
61mR2fqpKzL._AC_SL1280_ Homasy Humidifiers with Essential Oil Nozzle Weight:3.52 pounds
Dimensions: 9.1 x 7.6 x 12.8 inches
Manufacturer: Homasy
Check Price
61MANBdw3VL._SL1200_ URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser Water Capacity: 1000 ml
LED Light: 7 pcs
Applicable Area: Aromatherapy: 430 Sq ft / Humidification: 269 Sq ft
Check Price
71xLS+3isoL._AC_SL1280_ VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 7.2 x 7.2 x 9.7 inches
Manufacturer: VicTsing
Check Price
61M7hZm-8QL._SL1500_ 1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Large Dimensions: 5.7 x 5.7 x 9.5 inches
Weight: 3.2 pounds
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Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom

This central humidifier essential oil from Everlasting Comfort was effectively our pick for the best humidifier for fragrance-based treatment.

To begin, it offers a gigantic 500-square foot coverage that is adequate for your front room, kitchen, or the most significant rooms.

In addition, the 1.6-gallon water tank implies that you can run this machine for as long as 50 hours before it is topped up.

The main drawback clients noted here was that the tank doesn’t fill from the top, so it is challenging to top off.

Clients truly enjoyed the structure of this cool fog humidifier. It’s ultrasonic, which implies that the 40-decibel noise level is not really perceptible despite the fact that it’s hypothetically multiple times stronger than some smaller choices.

Everlasting Comfort Humidifiers for Bedroom
courtesy of brand

Furthermore, Everlasting Comfort designed the humidifier, so it doesn’t utilize a filter – so you can fill it with standard faucet water (tap water) without issues.

We were likewise glad to see that this humidifier has a programmed auto-shutoff that is essential when the water in the tank is depleted.

The fog yield on this diffuser is totally flexible utilizing a straightforward handle, and 360-degree pivoting spouts guarantee that your whole room is secured equally with the first oil splash.

What’s more, we preferred the blue LED that fills in like a night light for your room.

All in all, clients had basically no bad things to say about this humidifier following a while of utilization. Even better, you can be sure about your buy on account of a two-year warranty.

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LEVOIT Humidifier Essential Oil for Bedroom

LEVOIT Humidifier Essential Oil for Bedroom
courtesy of brand

This little, however, skilled cool mist humidifier from Levoit is amazingly tranquil.

It delivers only 28 dB of clamor when running, which is practically intangible except if the humidifier is directly above your head while you rest.

Even better, the humidifier is intended to work in your room – it even has a Sleep Mode. In that setting, the unit controls the entirety of its display lights to abstain from interfering with your rest and will naturally keep up a preset moistness for the duration of the night.

Clients loved the plan of the tank on this unit, which fills legitimately from the top.

It’s likewise without BPA, which is more for genuinely receiving the wellbeing rewards of diffusing organic oils.

The main thing to keep an eye out for is that the tank is tiny.

LEVOIT Humidifier Essential Oil for Bedroom
courtesy of brand

At merely 0.5 gallons, you’ll most likely need to top off this humidifier once or twice.

Controls on this humidifier are generally insignificant – you can switch the mist yield between three distinctive power levels, yet that is about it.

Clients found that the humidifier is amazingly simple to clean and keep up.

There are no filters to stress over, and you can fill it with tap water with no issues. Additionally, Levoit backs up your buy with a two-year guarantee.

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Homasy Humidifier Essential Oil Nozzle

Homasy Humidifier Essential Oil Nozzle
courtesy of brand

This bigger humidifier and essential oil diffuser from Homasy offer enough cold fog to cover up to 538 square feet of your home. That is a considerable amount of space that makes this humidifier ideal for use in homes in drier situations.

In addition, the 1.2-gallon tank is enormous enough that you can go a few days without topping it up.

When it comes to time for a top-off, clients found that the top-fill design makes it amazingly simple to completely fill up the tank.

Also, fundamental oils can be added to an extra fragrance-based treatment spout that is easy to fix onto the fog yield spout.

Homasy Humidifier Essential Oil Nozzle
courtesy of brand

Clients likewise valued that this humidifier is calm.

Homasy rates it as delivering only 28 dB of noise, which is quiet enough since it didn’t trouble most clients who had it on their end tables while resting.

The principal challenge we have about this humidifier is that it’s not entirely adjustable.

There are just three alternatives to dispersing the cold fog yield. That makes it most appropriate for humidifying vast zones. However, the humidifier can be excessive for medium-term use in a little room.

It is dissimilar to the Levoit humidifier; thus, it doesn’t have a sensor to help manage moistness at the set worth.

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URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser

This remarkably planned humidifier essential oil from Urpower has a lot of bright light as it is a diffuser.

The humidifier contains an LED light that can switch between seven distinct colors, permitting you to add to the environment – just as the air – of any room in your home.

URPOWER 1000ml Essential Oil Diffuser
courtesy of brand

The light makes it ideal for use on an end table in your room, as it can serve as a bedside light or night light.

The light is far superior. Working alongside the whole of the humidifier controls, it can also be modified remotely with an included remote control.

The humidifier has an auto-shutoff for a low water tank, yet it additionally comes with a clock that permits you to run it for three, six, or nine hours one after another.

In any case, be careful if one light remains on in any event, when the LED is off, so it’s not precisely perfect for light sleepers.

The humidifier likewise flaunts an entirely broad coverage region, of 430 square feet when you add essential oil to your fog. When running similar to a humidifier, Urpower rates the machine for only 270 square feet coverage.

courtesy of brand

There is one major catch to this humidifier – the water tank is small. At merely 0.26 gallons, you’ll undoubtedly need to top off the water tank every day.

Fortunately, the humidifier uses tap water and is lightweight enough that it’s difficult to extend to your sink.

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VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser

It is a well-disposed essential oil and fundamental oil diffuser from VicTsing with a ton to offer. As a matter of first importance, the plan is exceptional and extremely appealing.

VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser
courtesy of brand

This is a tasteful device to add to your end table.

Clients likewise preferred the little LED light strip around the base of the humidifier, which switches between seven distinct colors and offers an aggregate of 15 diverse lighting modes.

It’s ideal as a night light, especially for a child’s room.

The water tank on this humidifier is little, so don’t hope to get substantially more than about a night of run time out of it.

Fortunately, clients found that the humidifier is easy to top off just by moving it over to your closest sink.

VicTsing 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser
courtesy of brand

Obviously, the inclusion region of this humidifier isn’t especially enormous, either.

It’s set to cover 323 square feet. However, the clients noticed that it is more ideal for medium-sized rooms somewhere in the range of 100 and 200 square feet.

All things considered, the controls on this unit are a major addition.

It comes with four clock settings and two distinctive mist yield settings.

Clients likewise cherished how calm the diffuser is, and many utilized it as a humidifier for their child since it is without BPA and totally protected.

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1500ml Aroma Essential Oils Diffuser Large

1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Large
courtesy of brand

This humidifier is fit for disintegrating organic oils from Exqline and stands apart for offering full oversight over your fragrant healing.

You can utilize the noticeable front control handle to shift the mist yield, as opposed to being left with only three yield levels concerning the most different units.

In addition, the humidifier essential oil and diffuser worked in LED strip lights that can change between seven unique colors.

It’s ideal as a night light, especially since you can totally kill the lights with the LED switch on the front of the unit when you’re all set to rest.

This humidifier isn’t the calmest alternative we’ve seen – it puts out around 35 dB of noise. Yet, the noise wasn’t an issue for most clients who had this unit in their rooms.

Likewise, the 450 square feet of coverage implies that this humidifier offers enough power for even the most significant rooms, just like most kitchens and parlors.

The main thing clients and we might want to see is a bigger water tank.

1500ml Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Large
courtesy of brand

The 0.4-gallon tank isn’t small, yet you should top off the humidifier consistently once or twice, particularly in the event that you keep the mist yield high.

Accommodatingly, it’s straightforward to top off the tank, as you can pour in water from the top part of the unit.

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Cool Mist Humidifier Essential Oils Buying Guide

Since you’ve gotten familiar with our most loved central oil humidifiers, how would you choose the best one for your requirements?

Furthermore, is a refreshing mist humidifier the correct choice for your fragrance-based treatment?

In our purchasing guide, we’ll answer these inquiries just as we explore the features you have to think about when picking a humidifier for fundamental oils.

Why do you need to add essentials oils to your humidifier?

Humidifiers all alone are an incredible expansion to your home. Particularly in the event that you live in a drier atmosphere, including increasing dampness over into your home’s air. It can help lessen the sentiment of having a dry, scratchy throat or a stuffy nose.

What’s more, humidification can help kill infections noticeable all around with the goal that you and your family can live more advantageously.

Adding fundamental oils to your humidifier gives you considerably more advantages. That is on the grounds that distinctive fundamental oils offer various advantages, for example, included energy or core interest. By diffusing these oils into your home’s air, you can inhale them for the duration of the day.

You can likewise utilize a central oil humidifier to make the most of your home. For instance, lemongrass oil is a hindrance to bugs. Thus, you can add lemongrass oil to a humidifier and put it on your patio to appreciate the outside without being eaten alive.

Why choose cool mist humidifiers for aromatherapy?

Most humidifiers for fragrant healing utilize cold mist instead of warm since warm can dispense with the antiseptic properties of essential oils.

The temperatures required to bubble water harm the particles that give fundamental oils their one-of-a-kind properties.

In this way, it’s essential to utilize cold mist stickiness, which doesn’t include warming, at whatever point you are diffusing essential oils into the air.

Does my Room Size Matter?

While picking the best humidifier for fundamental oils, the primary thing you have to consider is the size of the room you need to aromatize.

Contingent upon your needs, you might need to put the humidifier in the kitchen, in an office, or in a room – or move it between the three.

Regardless, your humidifier ought to be appraised to cover a zone that is in any event the size of the most significant room you intend to place it in.

On the off chance that the room is more prominent, the fundamental oils will diffuse a lot that you will miss out on the vast number of advantages of fragrance-based treatment.

The humidifiers that we reviewed spread across a variety of room sizes. For instance, the Levoit model, with 260 square feet of coverage, is sufficient for most rooms and workplaces.

The 500 or more square-foot coverage of the Homasy and Everlasting Comfort humidifiers might be ideal for an enormous kitchen or lounge room.

How long do you want it to run?

Numerous individuals like to let their essential oil humidifiers run for the whole day or even nonstop. In this way, it’s instrumental if your essential oil humidifier can run for a long time without coming up short on oil or water.

Run times, however, shift broadly, from only 10 hours on the Urpower humidifier to as long as 50 hours on the Everlasting Comfort humidifier.

Remember, this isn’t fundamental, as you can generally replace the oil and water all the more habitually.

What is the noise level of the humidifier?

In a perfect world, fragrant healing machines wouldn’t make any noise whatsoever. Be that as it may, in reality, the way toward delivering a cold mist creates a limited quantity of noise in the surrounding.

The vast majority won’t see this sound following a couple of long periods of utilizing a humidifier. However, it’s vital to consider how significant quietness is to you while picking an essential oil diffuser.

A few of the humidifiers we surveyed, including the Homasy and Levoit models, produce only 28 dB of noise – so calm that you most likely won’t hear them from the next room in your home. Be that as it may, as the inclusion and run time of your humidifier increases, so does the size of the device.

The Everlasting Comfort humidifier creates nearly multiple times more noise, so it is noticeable if you are just a couple of feet from it.

What is the Warranty Period for your Humidifier?

Essential oil humidifiers are intended to be installed in your home, so you need to be sure that they will run for a considerable length of time to come.

All of the humidifiers that we have reviewed come with a one-year warranty to guarantee your purchase. The Everlasting Comfort and Levoit humidifiers have a warranty with a period of up to two years.

It has easy-to-use Features

A significant number of features that separate essential oil diffusers from identical counterparts are a convenience. For instance, the Everlasting Comfort humidifier incorporates a diminished LED light that finds use as a nightlight if you keep the humidifier in your room.

The vast numbers of the units we reviewed can be utilized for both humidification and fragrant healing, which expands their adaptability. You should likewise search for accommodating controls like handles to manage the force of dispersion.

An auto shut-off is critical when the humidifier comes up short on the water is truly basic. Additionally, check whether your humidifier comes with filters and whether they are easy to change.

What oils would I be able to utilize?

You can use a wide variety of essential oils with your humidifier – most don’t have any exact confinements or predefined sets of oils that they will work with.

Regular oils incorporate lavender and chamomile, which are utilized for unwinding; sweet orange, which offers vitality in the day; peppermint, which finds use in medicinal and culinary centers; and lemongrass, which prevents bugs from entering your home.

Best Humidifier Essential Oils to Use

Diffusers are the best alternative, yet once in a while, a humidifier might be your only choice. In the event that you decide to use oils in a humidifier, you ought to radiate a cold mist, not a warm mist.

Here is a short rundown of the absolute best oils to use in humidifiers.

Eucalyptus oil is a characteristic mitigating, can advance mental readiness, and has antiviral properties.

Lavender oil promotes serenity, so it can soothe pressure, depletion, or cerebral pains.

Peppermint oil is useful for invigorating the psyche, calming sinuses, and helping cerebral pains.

Tea Tree oil helps battle cold and influenza side effects since it is antiviral, hostile to parasitic, and calming in nature.

So, the short response to the inquiry would it be possible to utilize fundamental oils in a humidifier, is yes. Be that as it may, a diffuser is the better alternative, particularly as long as possible.

Precautionary measures for utilizing a Humidifier

Just use oils in a cool-mist humidifier, so the oils are not harmed all the while.

Clean the humidifier often to avoid oil development or to prevent the oils from harming the plastic parts.

Try not to utilize an excessive amount of oil. The tank on most humidifiers is a lot bigger than a diffuser, so oils may be balanced likewise.

Diffusers run discontinuously and shut off after a particular period of time while humidifiers don’t. Turn it off following a few hours to prevent the oils from overpowering your gadget.

Advantages of diffusing humidifier essential oils:

  • Dispels any confusion demeanor of residue and microorganisms
  • Opens the aviation routes
  • Influences the state of mind
  • Ingested effectively by the body

Frequently Asked Questions (faqs)

What is the difference between a humidifier and a diffuser?

The difference between a humidifier and a diffuser is that all diffusers are humidifiers, however not all humidifiers can work as diffusers.

That is on the grounds that humidifiers that aren’t intended to diffuse essential oils can are harmed by the expansion of oil in the tanks and warming instruments.

Diffusers, then again, have a different system for aerosolizing essential oils and regularly don’t warm water to bubble.

Can I use just any essential oils in any humidifier?

You cannot use any essential oils in any humidifier. Instead, you can just add fundamental oils to humidifiers that are intended for fragrance-based treatment.

Adding oil to a humidifier that isn’t designed to deal with it can harm the tank or the humidifying instruments.

It’s additionally imperative to remember that any humidifier that bubbles water will take out the advantageous properties of your fundamental oils as they are warmed.

After diffusion can essential oil deposit all over the house?

After diffusion, essential oils cannot deposit all over the house. Note that fundamental oils are water solvent enough that they stay disintegrated noticeable all around.

Usually, they leave your home’s air through your ventilation framework or through a window in the end. Except if your house is sufficiently humid to make a downpour inside. In that case, organic oils won’t wind up around your home.


Our three by and large most loved humidifiers for fundamental oil treatment are the Everlasting Comforts Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, the Levoit Top Fill Cool Mis Ultrasonic Humidifier, and the Homasy Cool Mist Humidifier.

The Homasy unit stands apart for its substantial 538-square foot coverage. It’s the ideal choice for fragrance-based treatment in enormous kitchens and parlors, especially for homes in dry areas.

The Levoit humidifier is perfect for room use, as it is remarkably calm and offers a sleep mode with the whole of the display lights killed.

In any case, we feel the Everlasting Comfort humidifier is the best humidifier for primary oil treatment. It offers a 500-square foot inclusion zone, ultrasonic mist age, and a straightforward top-off with tap water. What’s more, this humidifier has one of the most prominent water tanks we’ve seen, with the goal that you don’t need to stress over continually refilling.

Humidifiers usually are not intended to be used with fundamental oils. There are certain exemptions, for example, if you explicitly have a cool mist humidifier that was intended to do such work.

In general, however, you would be in a suitable situation, putting resources into a diffuser for your essential oils.

Have you attempted a specific brand as of now? Tell us your involvement in the comments section beneath, and remember to share this with your companions so they will be set up also!

If you are super excited about Ultrasonic humidifiers, then we would recommend checking out Air Innovations Ultrasonic humidifiers!

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