Air O Swiss Humidifier Parts

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All the Air O Swiss accessories ensure that your humidifier runs smoothly. That includes demineralization cartridges and Hydro Cells. These models comprise of 7133, 7135, 7142, 7144, 7145, 7147, U600, U650, 2055, 2055A, E2441, U200, U700 from Air-O-Swiss.

Air O Swiss Humidifier Parts: BONECO AOS Hydro Cell A200
BONECO AOS Hydro Cell A200

You can find many of the gadgets you’ll need to keep your device running at its best right here. In addition, when used in conjunction with the appropriate accessories, Air-O-Swiss humidifiers perform at their best.

They deliver cost-effective annual and seasonal replacement kits to ensure constant clean, safe air.

Spare Parts for BONECO Air O Swiss

Accidents happen, but that shouldn’t stop you from breathing safe, pure, and humidified air. In fact, Water Tanks, Nozzles/Mist Outlets, Spare Tank Caps, Cleaning Brushes, and other spare parts for our Ultrasonic Humidifiers are available from BONECO / AIR-O-SWISS for your convenience. Others include, , Air Washers, Air Purifiers, and Evaporators.

Seasonal and Annual Replacement Kits from Boneco

In this annual replacement kit, there are 4 Demineralization Cartridge Replacements and 4 Hydro Cells included.

In addition, it is the replacement kit for the season.

The season’s replacement kit is packaged so as to last the whole season. Furthermore, Air-O-Swiss Boneco Ultrasonic Humidifier models 7142, 7144, 7145, 7147, 7133, 7135, U650, and U600 include two demineralization cartridges and 2 Hydro Cells.

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