Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifier reviews

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Air innovations humidifier is the solution to the absence of dampness around which can bring about the skin or nasal dryness. If you’ve at any point experienced a typical cold or influenza, then, you’ll know how significant humidifier treatment is.

In addition to the fact that they are successful at treating the previously mentioned conditions, Air Innovations Humidifiers will give clean and safe air to your whole family.

Air Innovations is one of the leading producers of top humidifier models. While all items are known for their supreme quality, we feature their main models. From the items evaluated, we’ve seen the MH-701BA as the best Air Innovations Humidifier.

Why Air Innovations MH-701BA?

This model won’t just furnish your whole space with dampness, it covers up to 600 sq ft. Thus, you don’t need to top off usually because of its run time of 96 hours.

In addition, you can pick between 5 fog settings. We love that it’s a low upkeep unit that you don’t need to buy filters for. We talk about this model and more in our top 5 air innovations audits beneath.

Top 5 Air Innovations Humidifiers Review in 2020

We spent hours and hours evaluating the models on our rundown based on various vital highlights. Initially, we took a look at the inclusion region that shows how much dampness the unit can convey in a given space.

Your comfort is pivotal, which is the reason we’ve likewise taken a closer look at the water tank limit and the run time of the humidifiers.

The two components decide how regularly you should top off the units. We’ve exhibited these specs in an examination table to make it simple for you to look at every item and progressively make explicit top to bottom surveys.

Ultimately, we’ve incorporated the purchaser’s manual to help you comprehend what components to consider before making your purchase.

Product Listing for Air Innovations Clean Mist Humidifier Reviews

Image Product Details   Price
51s5YaYvHoL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-701BA Huge coverage area, 5 mist settings ceramic filter ultra-quiet Check Price
51RXCZGm32L._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT Runs quietly 2.15 dual gallon water tank 120 hours Check Price
61y0XvhJfUL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations 901D High-Performance Affordable cover 600 sq. feet Advanced digital interface quick refilling Check Price
61qiIuXkzgL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations Black MH-602 Intuitive digital controls antibacterial water tank light-weight very calm Check Price
51YIv42SjqL._AC_SL1000_ Air Innovations MH-505 Up to 70 hours of operation solid antibacterial water tank Check Price

Air Innovations MH-701BA

Here, we have a broad-limit humidifier that has a water tank capacity of 1.7 gallons. In addition, you’ll be intrigued by how it’s intended to run at a rate of 96 hours on a full tank.

It’s the ideal pick if you need a fantastic unit to humidify a vast territory since it can cover 600ft². Further, it’s a cold fog ultrasonic humidifier thus you can anticipate that it should run calmly.

Air Innovations MH-701BA
courtesy of brand

It’s a generally low upkeep unit because it does not use earthenware filters. Therefore, you don’t have to replace them. Further, you’ll welcome the idea that this model has five fog settings. Basically, alter as indicated by your inclinations.

You and your family will be breathing clean air on account of the counter microbial tank that is intended to refresh the environment.

It has a humidistat that works by keeping up the stickiness levels set by you.

We love this humidifier for its adaptability. In fact, you can change it from a story to a table humidifier relying upon your inclinations.

Another of its highlights is the turning spout – it permits you to provide dampness precisely where you need it.

Not exclusively is this humidifier best for kids. Yet it additionally helps dehydrate your wood furniture.

Lamentably, a couple of clients have noticed that the water will result in a general break. However, in the event that you experience this, you are at will to contact the producer.

You may discover a few pieces of the unit hard to clean as a result of the tight spaces.

Pros of Air Innovations MH-701BA

  • Large inclusion zone
  • Extremely calm
  • Long run time

Cons of Air Innovations MH-701BA

  • May leak
  • Difficult to clean

Check Best Price for Air Innovations MH-701BA

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

Pick this model if you are looking for a new huge-capacity humidifier. In addition to having a noteworthy 2.15-gallon water tank limit, it points at long run-time up to 120 hours. Given the high tank capacity, this is the model to pick in case you need to humidify an ample space; it’s intended to cover a noteworthy 700ft². That is on the grounds that it has two tanks.

In spite of having an elite unit, it runs unobtrusively. In fact, you won’t be upset in your rest in the event that you run the unit overnight.

Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT
courtesy of brand

Like the model above, it likewise has perpetual channels that don’t need substitution. Furthermore, you and your family will be breathing clean air with this humidifier.

You’ll discover the unit to be extremely simple to work on account of the easy-to-understand advanced interface.

Alternatively, choose to utilize it as a table or floor humidifier by basically joining the spout.

For your client’s comfort, this model comes with a remote to work the unit. The latter, allows you to switch the humidifier on and off or alter settings.

This model additionally includes a programmable clock. It also has a spout that is wide for simple water filling.

Cleaning the expansion cylinder will be somewhat precarious. Or maybe utilize a brush to make the errand simpler.

By and large, you’ll be dazzled by this unit. Yet note that it’s a little pricey. In fact, this is rational thinking about the noteworthy specs.

Pros of Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

  • Extra huge limit
  • Easy to utilize
  • Long run time

Cons of Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

  • Difficult to clean
  • Expensive
Check Best Price for Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT

Air Innovations 901D

Pick this model in case you’re searching for a superior yet reasonable humidifier. This model is additionally viewed as a high-limit humidifier and has a 1.6-gallon water tank limit. This implies that it’s optimal to use in enormous spaces since it has a considerable inclusion territory.

It can discharge dampness that covers 600ft².

Once more, this Air Innovations humidifier contains perpetual channels. So, you don’t have to replace them.

With this humidifier, you’ve ensured a home loaded up with clean air. As a matter of fact, there are no germs in the air on the grounds that the water tank is hostile to microbial.

You’ll discover that this humidifier is simple to control especially when utilizing the advanced interface.

Air Innovations 901D
courtesy of brand

For example, modifying fog control and moistness will be very straightforward.

Also, perusing the moistness levels is simple to understand because of the display on the humidifier.

However, note that this model doesn’t come with a remote control.

The humidifier comes with a long augmentation spout that permits you to move the unit’s area to humidify your whole home.

It weighs just 5lb. So, moving it around will be unaffected, and topping off the unit will be flawless.

The top-fill plan is superb thus most people have expressed their gratitude.

Substantially lift up the top and empty water into the tank. Like all Air Innovations Humidifiers, this model runs in tranquility.

In case you’re burnt out on ugly-looking humidifiers, consider this model a cutting edge and smooth structure. Generally, this humidifier dazzles when considering execution, plan, and reasonableness. Unfortunately, you may discover this unit to be somewhat hard to clean.

Pros of Air Innovations 901D

  • Versatile
  • Easy to fill
  • Large limit
  • Releases solid fog

Cons of Air Innovations 901D

  • No remote
  • Difficult to clean
Check Best Price for Air Innovations 901D

Air Innovations Black MH-602

On the off chance that a significantly less expensive humidifier is the thing that you need, think about this model. It’s a large limit humidifier that can hold 1.6 gallons of water despite the low value.

The unit offers a great 80 hour run time on a single tank. Also, it’s obviously appropriate for rooms that are 500ft².

It weighs just about 4lb, which makes it a moderately lightweight unit. Moving it around, starting with one spot, then onto the next will be without bother.

Portability is additionally made conceivable by the augmentation spout that comes with the item. Since it includes a pivoting spout, you can likewise point it toward the path you need to humidify.

Air Innovations Black MH-602
courtesy of brand

In case you have any children or infants in the house that experience the ill effects of dry skin or eyes, make sure to pick this humidifier.

You’ll likewise find it simple to work with on account of the intuitive computerized controls.

This model accompanies a couple of valuable extra highlights, for example, a built-in handle with an extra-wide opening.

Topping off water into the unit will is seamless. It additionally comes with a programmable clock that permits you to stop the unit at whatever point you need.

You’ll be glad to realize that this humidifier runs calmly so you can make the most of your rest in harmony.

A few clients have stressed over the solidness of the item-mostly that the cartridge channel broke.

Additionally, a couple of clients have noticed that it begins spilling a few months after using the device. On the off chance that this transpires, utilize the one-year warranty that is at your disposal.

Pros of Air Innovations Black MH-602

  • Powerful and suitable for enormous rooms
  • Long run time

Cons of Air Innovations Black MH-602

  • Durability
  • sketchy
  • May spill
Check Best Price for Air Innovations Black MH-602

Air Innovations MH-505

For our cost pick, we have this MH-505 model, which is the least expensive on our rundown. It arrives in an alluring blue and white shading, which makes the humidifier outwardly engaging.

With respect to the execution, it has the most minimal water tank limit of 1.3 gallons. However, this is sufficiently able to humidify an enormous territory.

It has a 70-hour run time, which is lower than the remainder of the models on our rundown. However, you don’t have to top off time after time. You can appreciate as long as nine hours of rest before you have to top off.

Like all Air Innovations humidifiers, it includes an internal clock and humidistat. You can set the dampness levels as indicated by your ideal inclination.

Air Innovations MH-505
courtesy of brand

You and your family will be breathing clean air with this model as it likewise has a counter for the microbial tank.

This unit runs discreetly, along these lines. Truthfully, you don’t need to stress over any commotion while it runs.

The most noise you may get from this unit is when water is leaving the tank into the plate.

Weighing just 3.5lb, it’s probably the lightest model on our rundown. Moving it around will be essential.

It likewise has a perpetual channel. So, you never need to supplant it. You’ll value that it has LED lights. Albeit, a few clients have noticed that they aren’t as brilliant as they would like them to be.

Perusing the showcase unit around evening time may be somewhat troublesome.

Tragically, you can’t fill water from the top. Instead, you have to flip it around. This makes the topping off procedure troublesome.

Pros of Air Innovations MH-505

  • Solid development
  • Cheap
  • Lightweight

Cons of Air Innovations MH-505

  • Lights not brilliant
  • Difficult to top off
Check Best Price for Air Innovations MH-505

Buying Guide of Air Innovations

You’re presently mindful of the items to pick from, yet do you know to search for it? Explore the purchaser’s guide herein as we walk you through the effective procedure.

What is fundamental when purchasing Air Innovations Humidifier?

Before purchasing an Air Innovations Humidifier, consider factors, for example, the run time, inclusion region, and topping off procedure. We’ll clarify a portion of these elements’ underneath.

Why Air Innovations Humidifier?

Air Innovations Humidifiers are known for their quietness. They all give clean air since their tanks are hostile to microbial. Furthermore, the best part is they are genuinely moderate.

Highlights to consider while picking an Air Innovations Humidifier

These humidifiers seem indistinguishable, yet they work in an unexpected way. These items each contain various features which influence their general execution. So, before making any buys, consider the accompaniments and ensure which one suits your requirements.

Type of Air Innovations

Air Innovations humidifiers just like all humidifiers have a sole reason; to add dampness to our surrounding environment. Be that as it may, there are various things which you should think about:

Cool-mist humidifiers

This sort of device scatters room temperature fog and, for the most part, covers an enormous territory. The best part is they don’t use as a lot of power as different sorts do.

Warm fog humidifiers

This humidifier discharges warm dampness into a room because of the warming component intended to warm water before scattering. In view of this capacity, it’s not astonishing that they utilize a ton of power. In any case, since the water is bubbled, germs are killed in the process bringing about cleaner and more secure air that is liberated from polluting sources.

Ultrasonic humidifiers

These can either scatter hot or cold fog into the air contingent upon the model you pick. Be that as it may, the principal purpose behind its fame is on the grounds that it’s incredibly calm. Most models explored above are ultrasonic.

Is the territory little or enormous?

Inclusion territory considers the space you need to humidity. It will decide the inclusion region the humidifier must reach. For a large room, you’ll need a high-capacity humidifier that can discharge dampness into a vast region, for example, the MH-801BA.

When utilizing the humidifier in a little room, picking a humidifier with a little inclusion zone like the 901D model will get the job done.

Water tank limit

On the off chance that you would prefer not to top off your humidifier from time to time, then, pick one with an enormous water tank limit, for example, the MH-801BA.

Then again, permanently be set up to routinely top off the unit on the off chance that you pick a humidifier with a little water tank limit.

Eventually, you should submit your general direction to the space you need to humidify. Get one with a huge water tank in case you’re humidifying a huge room.

Run time

To what extent can the humidifier run for before it needs topping off? The general run time of the humidifier is legitimately identified as the size of the water tank as featured previously.

What you should know about is to what extent it’ll last while working at low or high settings. Typically, the run time is fundamentally decreased if the humidifier is working at high settings.

Measurements and weight

The general measurements—and weight—of the humidifier is significant as it influences the situation and convenience.

Will you place the humidifier on a tabletop or floor?

On the off chance that you’re putting it on a ledge, at that point, pick a small one. On the other hand, an enormous unit will work in the event that you plan on setting it on the floor.

Will you utilize the humidifier in a single room or the whole house?

In the event that you’ll be moving it to one room, then onto the next, at that point, a lightweight humidifier, for example, the 901D model is perfect for simple portability.

Additional highlights

A few models do come with a couple of additional features to upgrade the execution of the unit. These incorporate auto-shut-off controls, clocks, and night lights. The MH-505 accompanies night lights to assist you with checking the presentation screen in obscurity.

Different models accompany filters and oil diffusers, which spare you the problem of purchasing at an extra cost. Be that as it may, by and large note that the additional features on the model may expand the general expense of the unit marginally.

Guarantee or Warrant

You’ll be glad to realize that all Air Innovations humidifiers are secured by a one-year warranty. This shows the producer’s trust in the item.

The most effective method to keep up an Air Innovations Humidifier

Regular support of these units is non-debatable in the event that you anticipate that they should work ideally and last more. In fact, you can begin by frequently cleaning the water tank to limit any shape and microorganisms that develop.

The Inability to do as such will mean that you and your family will breathe in unclean air, which can be hurtful. Also, clouding outlets must be checked routinely to guarantee that dampness is streaming easily.

All Air Innovations humidifiers have perpetual filters that needn’t bother with replacing. In any case, the above are general rules, that help utilize your items properly while maintaining the guidelines to abstain from harming the unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you be able to set a particular stickiness on the unit?

Indeed, you can change the dampness ranges.

Are these humidifiers calm?

Honestly, in the event that you pick a high sort, you won’t have a lot of commotion to battle with.

When the stickiness is low, what number of gallons every week does it require to keep the zone muggy?

For the most part, you’ll need about 15 gallons of water for each week if the dampness is low.


From our rundown of suggestions, which model will you purchase? Perhaps our leading three picks will help with your dynamism. We’ll begin with the Air Innovations MH-701BA, which we’ve cast a ballot as the best choice. It’s the best Air Innovations humidifier in light of the fact that it is a fantastic unit that is intended to humidify an enormous territory.

What’s more, it’s not costly by any means. This earned it a 9.8 rating.

Second on our rundown, with 9.7 out of 10, is the Air Innovations MH-801B-PLAT, which is the best humidifier that has two tanks. What’s more, it has the most significant water tank limit and longest run time.

At 9.6, the Air Innovations 901D is third on our rundown. This is additionally an incredible huge limit humidifier. It’s a flexible model that you can utilize either as a table or floor humidifier.

Which one do you believe is the best Air Innovations humidifier for your home? Why not pick one and appreciate clean and reliable air for you and your family.

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